Granny at a Rave Shawlette

This is one of those suprise designs that wasn't on my radar until the pattern was practically already written. I had a student come in one day wanting to make a granny square shawl and on my way out the door after class, I picked up this fun, color-punch yarn from a local indie dyer. It's called Marsha Mellow Goes to a Rave!

I figured since we basically wrote the pattern right there in class, I might as well make one myself and see if I liked it well enough to write up a proper pattern for it. I only bought the one skein and I really wanted to keep it a small piece since I was already working on several other things, but I knew it needed something more ... like neon MINIS! Just two days after that class I'd ordered the coordinating set of minis from Joe and that is how Granny at a Rave was born!

Worked in a mitered square manner, this triangular variation on the traditional granny square works up quickly and almost effortlessly! The only ends to weave in are at the beginning and end, plus the ends for the stripes. You could easily add a second or third skein of yarn for a larger piece OR you could keep adding stripes with the minis!

The pattern itself includes both written directions with stitch counts and a color coded chart. I've also included what is probably a surplus of tutorial photos! But since this was originally written with a beginner crocheter in mind, I wanted to include as much guidance as possible. Using a heavier weight yarn will also make this design more beginner friendly!

Suggested Materials:

Skills you’ll need to know or learn:


Before blocking, within the body of the shawl, 33 sts and 17 rows of granny square stitches = approximately 4 inches. I aggressively wet blocked the long edge of the shawl to get it nice and straight so finished measurements were 42.5 by 17 inches.

Optional Tassels:

I made 3 tassels for this piece, each a different combination of two colors from the set of coordinating minis. You can get creative here! Wrap chosen color 20 times around a 4 – 5” rectangle (I used a small book). Tightly tie the tops of 2 tassels with C7 and the top of your center point tassel with MC, leaving long strands for attaching to the shawl. Make a loop and wrap chosen CC snugly (but not super tightly) 8 times around the tassel about half an inch from the top, securing the ends underneath your wrap with a knot and glue. Cut the loops at the bottom of the tassel and trim the ends as desired.

I liked making this piece with fingering weight yarn because it makes the granny square more delicate than it is usually imagined to be, but you could just as easily make this with a DK or Worsted weight yarn. It would work up more quickly and also be larger, but it most likely still wouldn't be a full-sized shawl with just one skein. But that's easy enough to fix, right!? ;)

Be sure to use coupon code GrannyRAVE to save 10% for the pattern launch now through December 10th when you purchase the Granny at a Rave Shawlette pattern from my Ravelry shop. And tag me @crochetcetera or with #grannyatarave when you share pictures online because I want to see what you're making, too!

Happy crocheting, y'all!!

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