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Crochet with Confidence & Joy

join me on a creative journey

Adventures in Color & Texture

My goal is to guide and nurture you on a creative journey that encourages you to crochet with curiosity and confidence. Every pattern can be a new adventure! 

On Thursdays I share resources, inspiration, and encouragement to support you in your creative quests. You’ll also get the first look at new designs and classes. 

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The Power of Crochet

Nurturing artistic and creative expression in ourselves and others is fundamentally healing, both individually and globally.


Slowing down to explore texture and color, delighting in tiny details and moments of inspiration - finding what brings YOU joy. The expression of these moments can be felt in the fabric you make. 

Creating something with your own two hands is such an incredibly powerful manifestation of your own unique creative spirit. And I am here to help you tap into that energy. 

Want to join in the adventure?

Newsletters typically go out on Thursdays - though not EVERY Thursday because, you know, life happens! 

I love to share inspiration and resources with you, often themed around designs I'm working on at the time or questions I've received from students and readers.

Do you have a tutorial request? Let me know! 

Do you have a great idea for a crochet class? Hit reply and tell me what you want to learn!

Are you desperately searching for a specific sort of pattern and can't seem to find it? Share your vision with me and we'll see what we can do about it together!

In addition to creating resources and patterns for you, I also enjoy sharing pictures of the flora and fauna around where we live, which changes every few years since we're a military family.


But that means there's always a new adventure right around the corner and new inspiration to fuel both my creativity and yours!

I'll talk with you soon and happy crocheting!!


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