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April 9, 2018

Earlier this month I was SO excited to get to meet and learn from Marie Greene of Olive Knits in person at the Inaugural Flying Needles Knitting Retreat right here in Williamsburg, Virginia! I've "known" Marie online for a while now via some mutual interests, but it wa...

December 22, 2017

So I broke out the pointy sticks again for the first time in ... five years? Four years, Ravelry tells me, since my last knitted project. Oy. Too long to remember much, I was afraid, but lo and behold, I REMEMBERED how to cast on! It took a couple tries, but by golly I...

November 25, 2017

I could tell you I began this manicure with the intent to make them look "distressed" but that would be a fib. The truth is, I was having a heck of a time picking up a clean image and well, naptime is only so long, so I decided to roll with it! And so I give you distre...

November 15, 2017

Prompt number two for the November nail art challenge from  @clairestelle8 and @myblisskiss on Instagram is lace and apparently I don't have a proper lace stamp! I did find a somewhat lacy floral one, though, so I decided to use that. And since I always think of red wi...

November 9, 2017

This, my dear friends, is THE END of this amazing yarn club. What a fun little adventure it has been! But it's not actually over for me, as I will continue working on designs for the yarns I still haven't used yet from the club, including the piece you'll get to see me...

November 8, 2017

Just when I thought I was going to start doing my nails again, oh, almost TWO MONTHS AGO, they decided to break and tear and get burned (I grabbed the metal handle of a pan that I had just taken out of a 400 degree oven - NOT my finest moment and yes, I cried like a ba...

October 20, 2017

Only one shipment left! *cries* I know, I'm super behind with the designing I had planned to go along with this yarn club, but I'm still so sad to see the end coming! She may have saved the best for last, though, because this month's yarn is just dreamy. D R E A M Y, y...

September 22, 2017

Well, I must say that the final third of the Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club has begun with a bang! The yarn that Karen sent for this installment of the story is a new colorway dyed on a favorite base and I'm excited to crochet with it! I have the seed of a slightly rebel...

September 21, 2017

My poor, poor naked nails! I've been so busy with my crocheting (and other mundanities like sleeping and housekeeping) that they've been utterly neglected of late. The itch finally overtook me again, though, and I did this simple but pretty mani.

Of course, I had to off...

August 5, 2017

Two. Thirds. Through. *cries* I just can't believe it! The Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club has been so fun and so inspiring - I have been spending SO much more time designing and I love it! It's been a challenge and no, I haven't totally kept up, ha ha (there's that one p...

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