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Unboxing: Seasonal Celebration Box from Aly Bee Workshop

Ah, fall!

Isn't it just the most scrumptious season!?

Crunching leaves. Gentle breezes and warm sun (no longer hot sun). Fresh baked goodies and candles and warm, spicy beverages. Alllllllllll the delicious scents!

I've actually been looking for some worsted weight mini skeins so when I saw this seasonal box from Alyson, I knew I had to have it!

I shared the unboxing live in my Facebook Group; here's the video:

It was so much fun to open!

I definitely should not have tried eating one of the candies, though, ha ha.

But the yarn, y'all! Oh, it's just so yummy!

Here's a look at the whole box:

Ah, just look at those rich, deep colors flashing in the sun! I love them all so much.

So. BESIDES the gorgeous yarn, we also had a cute sticker sheet with what looks to be hand illustrated stickers on it! There's a fall themed knit cardigan, a hank of yarn, some handknit socks, a few leaves and apples, a pumpkin, a sunflower, bees, cinnamon sticks, and, of course, apple pie! Yum!

This IS the Apple Picking Bundle, after all!

Other bonus goodies included some caramel apple Werther's Original chewy candies (also yum!), a package of wine and cider mulling spice (can't wait to try it!), and this fun sparkly little glazed donut stitch marker!

The yarn, of course, was the star of the box.

They are 100% superwash merino worsted weight mini skeins that measure about 20 grams and 43 yards each for a total of 100 grams and 215 yards. It should be just enough for a small cowl or a hat or maybe even a different project that I have planned for the future that I'm not telling about just yet... !!!

These would also pair beautifully with a nice creamy neutral, I think.

The colorway names are just as deliciously seasonal as the rest of the box, of course:

  • scarecrow

  • mustard seed

  • granny smith

  • farmhouse

  • semisweet

Which one is your favorite!?

And what order do you think you would use them in? I'm still debating that.

But I'm SUPER excited to play around with these and see if I can't bring my idea to life!

I mean, if this bundle of squishy fall colors doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will!

Boxes are currently available on Alyson's website if you're excited to get your hands on one of your very own and you can choose between the lobster clasp for your stitch marker like I got or you can get a closed ring instead, which is ideal for knitters.

I'm off to go hide my sticker sheet so my kiddo doesn't find it!


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