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Cave of Lovers Scarflette

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Pattern available on Ravelry.


I love this thing. I mean, it’s just so different! And I have gotten SO many compliments on it just in the few days I've been wearing it around since finishing it! <3

Made of mostly post stitches, it’s pretty dense which equals delightfully warm for such a little thing. Actually, it’s longer than I anticipated I could make it with just one skein! It’s snug to wrap around twice, but it’s SO cozy.

Cave of Lovers Scarflette, Designed and Crocheted by Connie Lee Lynch of CrochEt Cetera by Connie Lee

Adding the little charms on the points is totally optional, but they add a nice bit of weight as well as being a unique accent. And, of course, the shawl pin is favorite part. Made of bronze, shaped and hammered (now THAT was fun!) by me, wire wrapped by ME - it was a neat little adventure all its own!

Cave of Lovers Scarflette Bronze and Crystal Shawl Pin Detail

I also did some metal stamping for the first time for the discs. Live. Love. Laugh. Forever. It just seemed fitting for this piece, as a nod to the story inspiration from Karen Robinson's Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club.

Cave of Lovers Scarflette, Live Love Laugh Bronze and Crystal Charms

The Cave of Lovers is a magical sounding place to me. Sheltered amongst the trees, it is a temple to love. A bed of crystal. Floors of green marble. A door of bronze. A perfect circle with rich ornamentation. It sounds amazing. And totally over the top. So I thought I ought to take this little scarflette a bit over the top, too! So I used bronze, crystals, and circular shapes in the accents I created.

Without those, though this scarf is pretty simple, like an endless leaf, each vein branching from the off-center midrib, as if you're looking at the leaf from an angle. Teeth along the edges are made with a modified picot and there are three points - two on one end and one point on the other.

At just over 40 inches, it's the perfect length to wrap around your neck and throw one end over your shoulder or you can wrap it around twice and pin it for a snug fit. Or, of course, you could make it longer to suit your scarf styling preferences! I think it would also be fun in a chunkier yarn as a super scarf!

The yarn itself is a fingering weight MCN made up of 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon. It was really a delight to crochet with and blocked quite nicely - all those leaning post stitches kind of makes it curly! Cave of Lovers was one of the colorways I received in the Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club from Karen Robinson of Round Table Yarns, but she has lots of other delicious colors to choose from, too. Take a look at all the colors available on Camelot here.

Camelot in Cave of Lovers by Round Table Yarns from Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club Part 7 of 9