Moroldian Skull Cowl and Mitts

After what seems like months upon months in the making, I am super excited to release the patterns for the cowl and fingerless mitts that I made using the deeply sinister purple-y yarn from shipment number two of the Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club from Round Table Yarns!

From skein...

to cowl and mitts!

Okay, so it took two skeins, but it worth waiting for!

I got this idea in my head to create skulls in the fabric to reflect the character this colorway is named after (Morold died with a chunk of sword embedded in his skull) and once I finally decided on a skull pattern that I liked, it was all over. I TRIED to make it smaller so I could make the cowl with just one skein but I simply didn't like the way the skulls looked, so I accepted my original vision for what it was and asked Karen to dye up some more Morold for me, which she happily did.

While I was waiting for it to arrive, I decided to try adapting the cowl pattern to a pair of mitts and these were born:

No room for skulls, but the cables and filet crochet elements were the same - and they blocked just beautifully!

Once my new yarn arrived, I set to work on the cowl and was just thrilled with the way it worked up and how deliciously sinister it looked in the deep purple! Four skulls ended up being the magic number (I could only do three with one skein) and although I downright dreaded sewing the zipper in, I was pretty excited to finally see it finished.

And OH that zipper! It was part of my original plan but little did I know that it would be the element to truly make these pieces unique. It's too heavy and clunky and strange, but it's perfect! Figuring out how to style the cowl (especially without a mirror during the photo shoot!) was a fun challenge, but in the end, especially with the two-way option, I decided that it was just right.

And I found the perfect little skull charm to go with it!

Each pattern includes a color coded chart to support detailed written instructions and you'll need approximately 490 yards of a DK (3) weight yarn (2 skeins of Cornwall), preferably in wool to get that nice, crisp stitch definition after blocking to make both. I used about half a skein of Cornwall for the mitts, so I'd estimate 120 yards for just those. I custom ordered my two-way zippers from and while they gave me the look I wanted, they were definitely heavier than I'd normally want, so I'd encourage you to shop around a bit for your zippers!

I hope you enjoy these unique pieces as much as I have and I can't wait to see what you make with these patterns!

I also have to send a big thank you to my pattern testers, including Daisha - I couldn't do this without them!

You can find the Moroldian Skull Cowl pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy, as well as the pattern for the Moroldian Mitts (on Ravelry here and Craftsy here). PLUS, if you purchase both patterns through Ravelry at the same time, you can get the Mitts pattern at a discount using this code: MOROLDx2

Happy crocheting!

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