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Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level Patterns

So I've been designing for a few years now. Only actually writing up the patterns sporadically. Blogging about them about as often. And struggling with maintaining a consistent presence in the fiber arts community. But I want to change that.

In part because I have a new tiny human to raise and I want him to see his mother be successful in a field she is passionate about. But also because having a baby hasn't changed that passion - in fact, it's gotten stronger. I just haven't had the time or energy to do much about it since he came along!

I haven't yet found an opportunity to teach crochet since we relocated and I'm still stymied by the editing that needs to happen (I've already filmed my next class) and it's driving me a little bit batty. I have SO many ideas for video classes that would be great for Skillshare but I just don't have the technical skills to produce the videos just yet. YET. I'm working on it. Slowly. VERY slowly. Like an ant in molasses, actually... but I WILL figure it out.

In the meantime, I'm going to be making some minor changes with my website and how I offer my crochet patterns. Most of my patterns will still be (and always remain) free here on my blog, but I put a lot of work into the pdf versions, often with extra photos and charts, so I'm going to start charging a small fee for some of these on Ravelry and Craftsy. Doing this will help me be able to continue writing patterns and sharing them with you!

Additionally, free patterns may have an ad or two on the page and/or affiliate links, again, to help me better be able to keep sharing more free patterns! I hope to be able to limit advertisements to purely relevant content, such as tools and materials that may be used for the project.

My vision is to have three levels of patterns (I can wrap my head around that much better than trying to establish a pattern's "worth"): bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze Level patterns will typically be simple designs that are free across all platforms. Silver Level patterns will include extra charts or additional photos as bonus features and be free on my blog, but $2.00 to download the pdf on Ravelry or Craftsy. Most of my Skillshare classes will be for Silver Level patterns, where you will also have access to the pdfs for free with enrollment in the class. Gold Level patterns will be available only on Ravelry and Craftsy for a fee - there will be no free version here on my website.

As an artist it's so easy to undervalue your work and by extension, yourself. When you do something that you love and you just want to share it with others, you can quickly find yourself working for free. But that creativity is WORTH something. It's valuable. And when we don't find value in what we do, other people don't either. So I'm going to stop working for free. Mostly. And I'm going to remember that I have a talent that's worth something!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be reworking my original blog posts for the free patterns I first published over on my Wordpress site. I'll share those again here as I get them done. Those will all be Bronze Level patterns and are already available through Ravelry and Craftsy. I also plan to publish my next Skillshare class this month! And now I've told you so I have to do it, right?

Here I am with my closest adviser - he helps me with snuggle testing!

Snuggle Testing with the Kid


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