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Caron Cake Mania

Y'all. I feel like... I suck at life right now. Just. Ugh!

Sounds like a funny time to come back to my blog, right?


But maybe not. See, my latest "adventure" is yarny in nature, plus, well, maybe writing will be therapeutic. It's supposed to be, right?

So. Let me share my woes.

Yesterday I decided it sounded like a good idea to jump on the Caron Cakes bandwagon. Have you heard about this yarn yet? Long, vibrant color variations, fun names, and soft and squishy. Like candy for fiber enthusiasts. Or like cake I guess. Cupcakes? Delicious little (big, actually, at 200g) yarn cakes of squishy, colorful goodness. So yeah. I had to check it out.

Into the stroller baby boy went and off we went down the road. It's about half a mile to my local Michaels (are you jealous? It was definitely one of the things I was excited about when we moved here!) so it was going to be a quick trip. Ha ha ha. One of my sandals broke when I was almost there - the second pair to break on me in the past month, in fact - so we made an unscheduled stop in a shoe store that was on the way. I found a couple pairs I thought would suit and slipped one pair on and the old pair in the trash. Back on track!

Wheeling our way back to the yarn section of the store, my excitement quickly turned to mild disappointment. They DID have the cakes, but only about half of the colors and about half of those were gone. By that time C is fussing and I'm trying to hurriedly look through the other yarns to find what I want to go with it. Fail. And I've had such rotten luck lately with finding all of the supplies I want for projects that I chose not to buy anything at all.

So home we went, empty handed of yarn and slightly chafed of foot from the new shoes.

The next day, armed with research on where I could find the kind of yarn I wanted to go with the cakes, I decided to try again; this time in the next town over. I also needed to have a tire replaced on my car because there was a chunk out of the side all the way down to the wire. The baby was screaming, I was tired, I hit a curb. Don't judge me.


It seemed like a good idea to try to run both of these "errands" in one day so into the carseat baby went and down the road we went. An hour later we were finished with our snacks and bored. Well, baby probably could have crawled all over the dealership and been pleased as punch, but I wasn't so keen on the idea. So I retrieved the stroller and off down the sidewalk we went. In the OTHER pair of new shoes. Yeah, I know, bad idea. I also didn't put sunscreen on myself even though I slathered it all over my son. My brain isn't working so well these days, okay? Sleep deprivation is a beast.

I checked the map and Michaels was two miles away. And it was only 81 degrees out! We could do this. Totally. Easy. Yeah, it'd be a bit of a hike, but why not? They were replacing two tires and were busy - we had at least an hour and a half to kill still. And if I started having second thoughts, well, a sleeping baby makes a crazy mommy do even crazier things. Like deciding to keep on walking even though new blisters were threatening and it felt way hotter than it was supposed to be.

And then. THEN. After walking TWO miles I walked right past the place. And not right past it as in I'd come back to it when I turned around. No, it was on a road that looped back towards the way we'd come and by the time I realized I'd passed it, I was NOT turning around and going back. No, it wasn't that far. But having to go BACK and then back again? I just couldn't do it. So we kept walking. I was utterly disgusted with myself.

Baby woke up about half a mile from the dealership so I gave him some water, slathered more sunscreen on his little legs, and started jogging through the sunny spots to get us back faster because we were both hot and I knew he was probably hungry. When we were almost there, I crossed on back to the less shaded side of the road that the dealer was on and as soon as I saw the name Hall on a car dealership I jogged us right inside and straight to the bathroom to clean up. They still hadn't called to say the car was ready, though - despite our four mile treck.

My little bit of jogging on top of already being hot AND spending so much time in the sun had me looking like a hot mess. A lobster red one. Definitely sun burned. So exciting. I didn't hurry to leave the bathroom. But when we finally did venture out and as I slowed my stride into the service area, I knew something wasn't right. I paused. Looked around. Confused disbelief slowly giving way to exhausted frustration as I realized that I was in the wrong place. I was in Hall Hyundai. Not Hall Ford. SO. MUCH. FRUSTRATION!

Back into the stroller baby went, back out into the heat and another couple blocks down the road I hauled us. The dealership called as I was walking in front of them. So it was actually pretty perfect timing. At least that worked out, right?

$530 lighter, we're back on the road and I'm stubbornly going BACK to Michaels. After getting stuck trying to make a left that I thought was NEVER going to happen, we finally find the place, pop baby into the stroller and all but run to the back of the store ... only to find that the color I want isn't there! *bangs head* I got the second color I wanted though and high tailed it out of there.

On to JoAnn's. Because that's where I'll find the complimentary yarn I want. And I'm NOT driving back for it.

By this time baby boy is done with my shenanigans. He is wailing as I transfer him in his carseat to the stroller yet again but I set my jaw and stomp determinedly forward into the store. I find my yarn and we get out. Back in the car and back to wailing. For most of the ride home, poor kid.

But I got my yarn, dadgummit. Well, three quarters of it anyway.

Here's my Lemon Lime cake and accompanying yarn:

Lemon Lime Caron Cake

The most ridiculous part of this story? I'm walking my sleepy seven new blisters and hopefully happier baby BACK to my local Michaels again tomorrow in the probably vain hope that that ONE skein of Rainbow Sprinkles will still be on the shelf.

Wish me luck.

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