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Hill Country Yarn Crawl: Day 3

The Yarn Barn of San Antonio, TX

Day three was my extreme yarn crawling day. Well, sort of. It didn't end up being quite as extreme as I hoped as I didn't make it to all seven of the shops that were still on my list - but I did get to five of them! 330 miles of driving over an eleven plus hour period and I was toast by the end of the day. But I got to see lots and lots of yarn!

I left about 8:00 and made a beeline for the farthest shop from me: The Yarn Barn of San Antonio. It's located in the downtown area and naturally I missed my exit, plus a couple turns I should have taken once I got off the highway, so I went roundy roundy for a bit, but I finally got there! They had put out information about additional parking and, sure enough, I had to look that up. But I found a spot to park and got through their doors around eleven.

Open since 1971, The Yarn Barn is the oldest needle arts shop in San Antonio and they certainly have an eclectic selection of yarns and needlepoint supplies. I found a really springy shade of green cotton among their featured yarns to include in my afghan and I also got to meet the delightful Beth, who is in the process of licensing her charted ‪‎crochet‬ patterns for some great local teams and looking to expand from there! Her site goes live November 9th - keep an eye on this one!!

Yarnivore, San Antonio, TX

Stop number two was Yarnivore, located on San Antonio's northwest side, only a few doors down from the Thirsty Horse Saloon, incidentally, which sounds like a sit and stitch would either be a whole lot of fun or a whole lot of trouble! ;) The staff was really fun, though, (they do claim to be the yarn shop with attitude!) and check out this kiwi I found!

"New Zealand's National Symbol. Kiwis are flightless, about the size of a domestic fowl and nocturnal. Their favourite food is the garden worm. There are three species of Native Kiwi - the Brown, Little Grey and Great Spotted." That's what it said on his feet. He hails from Opossum World in Napier, New Zealand, where he was handcrafted with *gasp* "genuine opossum fur." Shh, don't tell him that!! He was already giving me the stink eye...

An Opossum Kiwi...
Inskein Yarns, San Antonio, TX

By the time I got to the third shop, I already needed a nap. I blame the baby, but I might have been just as tuckered out regardless. Guess I'll just have to do another yarn crawl and find out! Next year I'll have a