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How to Style Stellarium

I've been on a bit of a kick lately with the V shaped wraps. First there was the Herring Gull Wrap, with it's super deep V shape and long, long wings. Then I tried out something even more different with Highclere, which was a ton of fun to make with all the different stitches and colors! (Anybody getting a mini skein advent this year, hint, hint?) And now we have Stellarium! Which is even more unusual, perhaps, as a concave pentagon. And yes, I had to look up what exactly to call this shape when I was writing the crochet pattern!

Gold and black 3/4 square shaped crochet shawl with concentric stripes

It's kind of like a square with one quarter of it cut out in a triangle shape. And you know what? It really helps it hang nicely on your shoulders! I've been wearing it a ton these past couple weeks, especially while I'm working at the computer because I get chilly after sitting still for a while. I've never been much of a shawl wearer, either! How do you feel about shawls? I'd love to get your opinions, so I put together a quick survey that's all about shawl shapes! What is your favorite way to style a shawl? How do you wear a shawl most often? What is your favorite shawl shape? Do you actually prefer scarves??

That's me, by the way. I reach for my scarves first, every time. Well, until I crocheted this fun little wrap!

Okay. Before I completely derail myself talking about how to style a scarf instead of how to style a shawl, let's take a look at a few ways you can wear Stellarium, specifically!

Smiling woman wearing a gold and black crocheted shawl draped over her shoulders with shawl points hanging down in front to mid hip length.

Here's how I'm wearing it right now, actually, as I write this! It's just draped over my shoulders with the wings falling down my side and over my hips. No tugging it back up when it starts to fall down like seems to always happen with triangle shawls. It probably also helps that this yarn has a nice drape to it!

Smiling woman with right hand on hip standing in the Mojave Desert wearing a black and gold striped crochet shawl draped over her left shoulder with the points wrapped around her neck, one hanging down in front on the right side.

This is another way I've been wearing it a lot, just putzing around the house. This time I have it pulled more to the front and arranged so that the main body of it is draped over my left-shoulder, which leaves my right arm free to move about. I usually tuck the second arm (leg? wing?) down through the opening around my neck so that I have one on each side in front, but tucking that shorter one in and under the fabric on the left side helps it stay put better. You can, of course, swap sides if you're left-handed!

Smiling woman with right hand on her hip standing in front of an off-white stucco building and wooden fence wearing a black and gold striped shawl wrapped around her neck and tied with a half hitch in front.

If I were going to be wearing it out and with a coat, I'd do something like this, with the entire body in front kind of bunched up together. The ends you could either leave down or tie with a half hitch as shown here. This puts the bulk of it around your neck and on your chest so that your coat can easily slide on along with it. Although you might have a tough time buttoning it all the way up!

In case you missed it live, here's the recording from my demo so you can see this unconventionally shaped shawl in action!

How would YOU style a shawl with this 3/4 square shape? Do you have another favorite way to style a shawl?

I want to hear all of your questions and opinions about shawl shapes! Comment below or go check out the survey about shawl shapes.

Happy styling!

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