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Highclere Wrap

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Pattern available on Ravelry and Etsy.


The Highclere Wrap was such a fun challenge to design. I had this idea for the unusual shaping and I really wasn't sure if I could construct it in a way that would work well - and also not have unreasonably complicated instructions! This was originally designed for a Downton Abbey themed mystery box for Forbidden Fiber Co and yes, I totally binge watched the entire show as "research" for this design!

There was, of course, lots of places to draw inspiration from between the clothes and the architecture and the characters, but also the yarn! Each colorway in the kit was inspired by a different couple in the show, which I think was a really fun way to do it, but I also instantly started sorting and arranging colors as soon as I got my hands on the yarn! I really fell in love with the separation of warm and cool colors and once that was decided I got to start playing with texture!

You'll find many of the same stitches in this design as were featured in Wendover, another collaboration with Leann, as I had similar vibes of elegance from both shows that I wanted to capture within the textures of the stitches. While Wendover felt very floral to me, Highclere is more beaded lace and structure.

Oh and the name? Why, it's named after Highclere Castle, of course, which was where much of Downton Abbey was filmed!

Let's have a closer look and talk details, shall we!?

Inspired by the marriage of simplicity and elegance found in Jacobean architecture, with symmetrical wings stretching out on either side of the central triangle, this piece also takes notes from the flapper styles of the 20s with asymmetric colors and joyous flare!

Explore a variety of stitchwork in this expressive piece that brings to mind strings of beaded pearls, lace, lines, and windows into other worlds. Wear it as a triangle shawl or loop the ends through the center point for a delightfully unique scarf!

The pattern itself includes color coded instructions to help clarify color changes as well as detailed instructions for all special stitches including post stitches, working into the 3rd loop of hdc stitches, and optional chainless stitches. This piece is worked from the center point out and then with mirrored wings joined onto the sides of the upper part of the triangle, working across the ends of the rows. Guidance on modifications is included throughout the pattern.

STITCHES & TECHNIQUES (you can find video tutorials for most of these stitches here):

  • Single crochet

  • Half double crochet

  • Double crochet

  • Treble crochet

  • Double treble crochet

  • Decreases & increases (defined in pattern)

  • Front & back post stitches

  • Standing single crochet

  • Working into back loop only (blo) and front loop only (flo)

  • Sc in 3rd loop of hdc (defined in pattern)

  • Foundation single crochet

  • Chainless stitches optional


Rows 1–11 should measure 3.75” (9.5 cm) deep and 3 3/8” (8.5 cm) wide before blocking.

Finished sample was blocked to 27” (68.5 cm) wide and 50” (127 cm) long at widest and longest points.


  • Fortitude Minis by Forbidden Fiber Co. (20 g, 87 yds [80 m]), fingering weight (1: super fine) yarn, 100% merino wool, 12 mini skeins

- C1: cream

- C2: gold

- C3: green

- C4: light gray

- C5: dark gray

- C6: blue

- C7: blue green

- C8: bright pink

- C9: light pink

- C10: brown

- C11: dark pink

- C12: purple

  • D/3 (3.25 mm) crochet hook; C/2 (2.75 mm) hook optional for fsc

  • stitch marker(s)

  • scissors

  • darning needle

Even though this was originally designed with a set of twelve 20 gram minis, I think it would be just as gorgeous worked in a solid or tonal colorway. Or even, perhaps, with a pair of ombre yarns for the wings? What do you think? What colors would you choose?

The pattern for the Highclere Wrap is available now on Ravelry as well as in my Etsy shop. And although I do not have a video tutorial for this one (it would have been SO long!) you can find tutorials for most of the stitches you'll need here or on my YouTube channel.

I do also have a short video demonstrating the tiny treble popcorns, which featured in Wendover as well:

If you haven't already, I'd love for you to join my Facebook group and share your progress with this project so we can all cheer you on! You can also tag me @crochetcetera or with #HighclereWrap on social. I can't wait to see what you make!


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