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Lickety Split Library Sack

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Pattern is also available as a downloadable pdf for purchase on Ravelry.


I recently decided that my son is old enough to handle library books. I've been considering it for a while, but since we just moved, and it's in the middle of a hot Texas summer, and we need some indoor activities, I thought we'd give it a try. So we’ll see. He’s three. There’s never really any telling what may happen!

As soon as we got back from our very first trip (no torn pages, yay!) I wanted to make a little library bag to make our visits even more special. Aaaaaand to give the books a designated (read: safer) place to live. So the next day we hopped in the car and went to pick out some yarn together! It was almost purple rainbow yarn, y’all. But he’s on a red kick, so that ended up winning. This time. If we went back for more he’d probably be back to ALLLLLL the colors! Actually, he just told me that he hopes all the paint peels off on our car so we can have it repainted rainbow colors. O.O

So we came home and I worked up this very simple bag for him over the next few days. And I was thinking, while I was working on it, that I haven't shared a free pattern with y'all in a long time, so why not write up the instructions! Which is the only reason it took me as long as it did to make, ha ha.

Fundamentals Cowl, Free Crochet Pattern from

It's all half double crochet, which is such a great little stitch (it's my favorite for beanies!) because it has some density like the single crochet, but not TOO much density, so that the fabric still has some fluidity. The handle is simple but strong since it's also part of the bag itself, and I use a little trick to get a more reversible looking seam than you normally get with a single crochet join.

Plus it's just the right size for a handful of children's books! (I think he likes it, what do you think?)

Lickety Split Library Sack, Free Crochet Pattern by CrochEt Cetera by Connie Lee

So here we go!

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