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Chameleon Scarf Skillshare Class

Wow. I just looked back and it's been over a year since I published my last class online. A YEAR! I mean, I know I've been busy what with a sleep hating toddler on my hands and whatnot, but still. I have SO many classes that I want to do!

Brutal honesty time, though.

I'm not happy with this one. It's just not the quality that I want it to be. Now, I know, I'm doing it myself, at home, in stolen baby-free moments. Actually it's more like a whole day for me to film a class and this one took two tries because the first take was completely unacceptable. And after watching the second attempt, I was SO disappointed that it still wasn't what I wanted. But I simply didn't have the heart to kick my husband out of the house with our son for several hours yet again for the SAME class.

So I walked away from it. For months.

But I've wanted so many times to film more classes and finally I decided that perhaps imperfect is simply human. I don't have super fancy equipment and I had ZERO idea what I was doing the first time I attempted to edit a video. So I've learned quite a lot, actually. And it's not horrible but I wish the close up shots were clearer. I need to make my depth of field ... deeper? Or maybe I need a special lens for filming the overhead portions. I'm not sure. And better light. But I'm determined to keep trying until I figure it out!

In the meantime, I hope everyone who watches my tutorials and classes will still enjoy and learn from them. That is, after all, the point!

And so I'm somewhat reservedly excited to announce the release of my newest class, for one of my older, but most popular designs: the Chameleon Scarf! In this class, I talk about self-striping variegated yarns such as Red Heart's Unforgettable and Caron Cakes, as well as the linen stitch, while I take you step by step through the first four rounds of this scarf.

Here it is in the first three colorways I tried:

A Trio of Chameleon Scarves in Polo, Tidal, and Sunrise

From left to right they are Polo, Tidal, and Sunrise. The colorway I used in the video is called stained glass - and I still haven't used the rest of that skein!

Yarn, Tools & Notions for Chameleon Scarf

Class Objectives:

  • Discuss Variegated Yarns

  • Review Pattern & Chart Reading

  • Review working into the Starting Chain

  • Learn the Linen Stitch

  • Have fun playing with color!

Suggested Materials:

Enroll in the class here and you can get two free months of premium membership when you sign up through my referral link! You can also find the original pattern here on my blog as well as on Ravelry for a small fee.

Here's a look at my intro video. Let me know what you think!

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