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A Little Christmas Knitting

So I broke out the pointy sticks again for the first time in ... five years? Four years, Ravelry tells me, since my last knitted project. Oy. Too long to remember much, I was afraid, but lo and behold, I REMEMBERED how to cast on! It took a couple tries, but by golly I got it!

Casting on for the first time in four years!

What came next, on the other hand, required a lot of time on YouTube. O.o It took me far longer to make these measly six rows of K1, P1 ribbing than I care to admit.

6 rows of K1, P1 Ribbing

But once I finally got going, well, it went a little better!

stocking progress

Until this craziness anyway. Back to YouTube I went. PSSO? Color changes. Weird Macgyvering of my crochet supplies in the absence of proper stitch holders. Oy.

Naptime Knitting

But thanks to some quiet knitting during naptime (and a lot of baby free time thanks to the grands and the daily shopping that occurs when four Lynch families come together at the holidays), the last stitch was finally knit. Whew!

The last stitch is knit.

Seaming was tedious, but I think I did a better job than the first time when I made some of these for the first time EIGHT years ago (I'm not sure how I muddled through it then, either!).

You may be wondering, much like my husband, why I didn't just crochet this stocking. I did, after all, just release a Christmas stocking pattern!