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Crash Courses with Connie Lee: Double Crochet Video Tutorial

So I'm not totally happy with how this one turned out, which is why I've been holding onto it for so long. It was windy and the sun was all come and go making my lighting less than ideal, but I just haven't had the opportunity to refilm. I haven't gotten to film any new tutorials at all because it has been windy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! All spring long. Who knew it was so windy in the springtime here!

I decided that I should go ahead and share what I have, though, and when the windy season settles down, whenever that may be (we moved here mid-summer last year and I don't remember it being super windy, so here's hoping), then I can get back out there and do some more tutorials for y'all! So I apologize for the slightly wind buffeted sound in places and the sunwashed out parts but you should still be able to see how to do the double crochet stitch and that's the important thing!

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Here are the step-by-step written directions.

How to Double Crochet (dc):

  • yarn over (yo)

  • insert hook into designated stitch

  • yo

  • pull up a loop (you should have 3 loops on your hook)

  • yo

  • pull through 2 loops on hook

  • yo

  • pull through last 2 loops on hook

Double crochet complete!

How to Double Crochet (dc): yarn over (yo), insert hook into designated stitch, yo, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), (yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) 2 times.

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