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Ramblings from a Girl in a Funk

How does the time get away so easily?

But that's just the nature of time, I reckon. I've been in a bit of a funk, recently. Creatively and otherwise. And it just sort of pervades everything. Which annoys the soup out of me. Even working on a new design hasn't set things right, which is usually pretty exciting for me. So I'm stumped.

That just means I'll carry on, though. Muddling through the days as best I can, crocheting here and there, sleeping here and there, and over-indulging in ice cream. And chocolate. Chocolate ice cream. Yum.

I digress.

So I've been trying to bust out of this rut with brightly colored granny squares and mitered squares and a new design and I JUST got the zipper to FINALLY finish up the project I started with the second Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club shipment, so I SHOULD be excited about that, too. But instead I'm just dreading sewing the dadgum thing in.

Maybe it's the rain. Although that's unlikely because I rather like the rain.

Maybe it's that the baby is actually sleeping better (shhh, I try not to say such things out loud!) and so I'm finally feeling decently rested and that's just made me want more of it...

Maybe it's stupid Stardew Valley. Now THAT's a time suck. But DH and I have been playing "together" and that's kind of fun. We haven't played a video game together in a while.

So I'm stymied. I'm actually suspicious of the deliberately colorful grannies, truth be told. They're simple and small, which has its merit, but they also don't offer much of a challenge. Of course, the challenge of designing something new hasn't done much for me. :- /

Hmm, you know what? Maybe it's the fact that I haven't got a solid plan for the yarn from the third yarn club shipment yet. It's SO pretty. I think maybe it's intimidating me! Like I have to come up with the perfect pattern for it, which is silly. I was on a pretty good roll, though, and then I kind of hit a wall with that one. Since then I've kind of been playing catch up and maybe, yes, I think I've been AVOIDING that yarn! How ridiculous!

All I really needed to do was sit down and ramble to the universe about the funk I've been in to discover that what I need to do is just sit down and MAKE something. Sometimes the answers are so simple. And here I was trying to blame the Junimos...

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