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Twilight Fairy Nails

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I've had naked nails for a couple days now and it's made me sad to see them that way - I think that means I have officially rediscovered my obsession with nail art! Well, perhaps on a lesser scale than before the baby was born. It's just so hard to find the time anymore. I have so much crocheting I want to do... And then there's sleep, too, of course. Definitely NOT overrated. Not anymore anyway.

But I digress.

I plan to film tomorrow, so that meant it was time to sit down and make my nails a bit less boring. But what to do? I confess, sometimes I try to match or at least compliment whatever it is I'll be wearing or handling during a filming session, but that's not quite the case this time. Apparently this time I wanted to match a blanket that may or may not end up in the background somewhere. I didn't even realize that's what was happening until I sat down to write this up! Go figure.

My original plan was purple, but upon taking a closer look at the polish I had in mind to use, I discovered it was a sheer, oil slick type polish. So that set me on another path.

Here's where it took me:

Twilight Fairy Nails Workstation

As always, I began with a base coat. I'm still using Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat for the time being. Then I did two thin layers of Barb by Julep, a really nice bluish gray, followed by three thin layers of Darcy (the aforementioned oil slickish color). On my accent nails I did two layers of Jennye, which is a really pretty moody grayish blue with shimmer.

My Clear Jelly Big Bling XL stamper decided it liked me again and I easily stamped some flowery, swirly vines on my accent nails with MoYou London's Pro Collection XL plate 14 using Barb. I added a few shimmeries of Darcy with my smallest dotting tool and then topped everything off with Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat.

Ta da!

Twilight Fairy Nails

It's so nice when the stamping works. It looks nice without being a ton of work and I get to do both hands without much fuss! Now I just need to find a way to take better pictures without much fuss at 10pm...

Oh and that background piece that was my inspiration unbeknownst to me until five minutes ago? My Twilight Fairy Gemma Blanket. <3

Twilight Fairy Gemma Blanket, hand crocheted by Connie Lee Lynch of CrochEt Cetera by Connie Lee

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