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Texture in Single Crochet: Working into the Front and Back Loops

A week ago I finally broke down and purchased a video editing program. A real one. From Corel. It was under $100 and Y'ALL. It was SO worth it! Why? Because after struggling with editing off and on for months and months and months (because I was trying to use free programs that simply didn't fit my needs), I am finally, FINALLY, publishing another class!! YAY!

*excuse me while I do a little happy dance*

Okay, jig complete.

Seriously, though. I did it! The final video segment is rendering as I type this up and although I can't go publish the class right NOW because baby boy just woke up... I can totally do that later! Because the editing is done! And I'm happy with it! It's actually not bad! I'm so impressed with myself! Can't you tell? Ha ha!

I give full credit to the training Corel suggested with the download, though. It's through Studio Backlot and it came free for 30 days and Mr Paul Holtz is now my hero. Because I spent two days learning and edited my first segment by the end of the second day - around the baby and husband requirements! I am SO so pumped about this! As if you couldn't tell!

Okay, baby calls. To be continued...

* * *

Naptime #2 and my class is live! Hooray!!

Without further ado then, may I present:

Texture in Single Crochet: Working into the Front and Back Loops, Online Class through Skillshare

Hooray!! Okay, I'll stop cheering for myself now. I just can't help it! It's so nice to feel like I accomplished something! You know, besides keeping the baby alive for another day. O.o

Have a look at my intro video here (I'd love for you to share what you think!) and if you'd like to learn more, you can sign up for the class here. The first 25 enrollments are FREE using this link!

In this class I get down to business pretty quickly after reviewing yarn, tools and notions, and the pattern (I'll make it available here and on Ravelry in the near future, but for now it's exclusively available on Skillshare!). I quickly demo the starting chain and foundation row and then it's all about creating that texture! I'll show you how I join new yarn and secure it before weaving in my ends, too. But the best part about this scarf is that you get such fun results with just a single row repeat - and you only have to count to three! Well, after that foundation row, of course.

I'm already making plans for my next class, which I hope to film soon (Gemma Blanket!!), and I'm actually looking forward to editing it! Which I find amazing.

One last *jig* ha ha! Hooray!! :)

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