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The Eighth Month

Eight months. Wow! Where did the time go!? DH has been in the field or NTC more often than not these past few months, so I reckon that has some to do with it. And The last two months nearly have been a whirlwind with me planning for, filming, and publishing my first online crochet class with Skillshare. So yeah, I guess we've been busy! It's just hard to believe we'll be crossing the finish line so soon! Before we do, though, let's take a look back at the last four weeks.

32 Weeks: Ñame Root

(baby weighs around 3.75 pounds and measures 16.7 inches long)

Okay, folks. Time for another look at the not so glamorous side of this little adventure. The day before this I had makeup on and I fixed my hair and everything, but by the time I got home after my appointment (which went well) and running errands, I was exhausted on top of sick (just a little cold) and I didn't feel much better the day I took this picture. Don't worry. Lots of fluids and rest had me recovered in a week or so. This was SUPPOSED to be a jicama (aka Mexican yam bean - who knew?), but the jicama bin was empty and the second place I checked didn't have any at all. So I selected a different unusual root vegetable, which was labeled as a boniato, which is a tropical sweet potato. Turns out it wasn't that either and the search to discover just what sort of UFV (Unidentified Fruit or Vegetable) I had was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there was a sticker on the thing and they have a website, and this particular variety of yam is called ñame. Yes, it's name is ñame and most places don't include the tilde, so it's quite confusing. But the mystery is solved and this week's photo taken and shared, albeit begrudgingly. I don't know if ñame roots grow as large as jicamas can, but this one was almost three pounds so I decided that was close enough. We're looking at about half a pound a week weight gain from here forward - that's baby alone, not me and my creeping total - so wish me luck. Or wish my back luck, I suppose. Oh and here's the website if you want to read more about the ñame root:

32 Weeks: Name Root

33 Weeks: Pineapple

(baby may weight over four pounds and measures over 17 inches long)

What is it about pineapples that makes people want to put them on their heads? I couldn't find an answer... I thought about weighing the turkey legs and using those instead, but decided to stick with the fruit and veggie theme. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! Developments of note this week: "He or she is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look" - are we really still alien looking?? And baby's skeleton is hardening. So are baby's kicks and jabs!

33 Weeks: Pineapple

34 Weeks: Cantaloupe

(baby weighs around 4 3/4 pounds and is almost 18 inches long)

MY little cantaloupe is definitely bigger than this one! I'm not sure I can even get away with blaming the fact that I'm now bumping the belly into everything on the leftover turkey! (Definitely not) Developments of note this week are more fat and smoother skin, as well as maturing lungs and central nervous system. And the belly being in the way. :- /

34 Weeks: Cantaloupe

35 Weeks: Honeydew Melon

(baby weighs 5.25 pounds, measures over 18 inches long)

Another melon, I know, how boring! Baby beats melon again in the weight category, too. Still measuring "over 18 inches long" now, though. Well, maybe - Patrick and I are both a bit on the short side! We got to take another quick peek at my checkup to verify baby's positioning (no, no sex confirmation, sorry!) and here's a baby haiku for the occasion: This is my butt. These are my knees. My head's down here where it's s'posed to be! :) Developments of note include fully developed kidneys and a functioning liver. Physical development is mostly complete!

35 Weeks: Honeydew Melon

So eight months now and definitely slowing down. A lot, actually. It doesn't take much to wear me plumb out and I've started feeling some contractions. Hopefully we can keep my uterus slowed down, too, so we can make it to full term! I believe in the power of positive thinking, though. And rest, ha ha!


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