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The Seventh Month

I know I'm a bit behind with this one, but life happens, I reckon! Let's take a look back to when my belly didn't have its own gravitational pull yet...

28 Weeks: Eggplant

(baby weighs about two and a quarter pounds and measures 14.8 inches long)

Boo for another icky veggie! This one's a little on the small side, but the next closest one was a pound and a half too big and I didn't see any point in wasting that much "food" - even if it is an eggplant. No, don't even try to defend it! I will not be eating the thing. Developments of note this week: blinking (and eyelashes, aw!), perhaps enough eyesight to see light from outside, and billions of brain neurons. My appointment today went well, but I've got two sore shoulders after a pair of shots, and I am officially out of room so it's only out from here!

28 Weeks: Eggplant

29 Weeks: Butternut Squash

(baby weighs about 2.5 pounds and measures just over 15 inches long)

Yep, this was my Halloween costume this year! :) I couldn't quite get Juno's expression down and my outfit isn't as grungy as hers, but I reckon it'll do! And yes, DH was Bleaker, but I didn't get a picture, unfortunately. Developments of note: muscles and lungs continue to mature while baby's noggin gets bigger to make room for that big ol' brain. Neat factoid: about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in baby's hardening skeleton each day. No wonder I'm supposed to drink four glasses of milk a day!

30 Weeks: Cabbage

(baby weighs almost three pounds now and is 15.7 inches long)

Time to break out the wok! That's the only way we'll eat cabbage in this house it seems. I still had some venison that was suitable for stir frying, though, so that was a plus! Developments of note this week: amniotic fluid is about topped out at a pint and a half. It'll decrease as baby takes up more room. I'm just not sure where that room is gonna come from... O.o

31 Weeks: Coconut

(baby weighs in at just over three and a quarter pounds, measures over 16 inches long)

Okay, maybe it's not THAT warm in Texas, but hey, it's a coconut! We should be entering a growth spurt about now, too, so wish us luck! (Boy did we ever!)

So that was the beginning of my 3rd trimester! I was definitely feeling the belly starting to take over, but I was still feeling pretty good. Slowing down! But still pretty good. And the baby wiggles are always awesome. :)


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