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The Sixth Month

Wow. It's hard to believe how far along I am already! I wish I'd started blogging again at the beginning of this year like I planned and then I could have chronicled this amazing journey better. But I'm here now, so let's take a look back at this past month.

23 Weeks: Large Mango

(baby weighs just over a pound and measures more than 11 inches long)

This was the best I could do with the mango. :( Definitely not the right size! The dried mango was my backup, but I thought I'd throw them both in the pic, just for giggles. What can you do!? The bump is definitely popping by now, and supposedly baby can hear not only me, but outside noises, too, like music, so I reckon it's time to start singing and dancing, since the sense of movement is also well developed! P.S. I cheated and took this picture a day early since I drove to Dallas for Stitches Texas that day, which was exhausting but super fun!! You can read all about that adventure here if you like.

24 Weeks: Ear of Corn

(baby weighs a little MORE over a pound and measures almost a foot long)

I call this one Contemplative Corn... And no, it's not really cool enough in Texas for all that sweatery warmth, but I couldn't resist some autumn attire to go with the corn! This was another odd one for me, but the ear of corn represents the length, I suppose. We're both growing steadily now, which my back can certainly attest to. Also, my short little torso is almost out of room already, so things are getting exponentially more interesting with each passing day.

My 24 week appointment went well. They seem to think I'm right on track despite their slightly ahead of mine schedule, but I reckon baby runs the show regardless, right!?

25 Weeks: Rutabaga

(baby weighs about a pound and a half, measures about 13.5 inches)

This might just be the grossest vegetable I've ever touched! Not counting rotten or buggy ones. Are all rutabagas covered in a slimy/waxy film? That's nearly impossible to wash off!? AND it has a tail! Do you see it?? Ugh! It was so icky. I've been trying to eat all of the fruits and veggies each week and I've done pretty well so far but this one just didn't do much for me. I tried making fries. Fail. They tasted okay, but were like soggy, undercooked regular fries. So not great. Then I pulverized them and mixed them with chicken and beans and tons of cheese in some frakenstien burritos... that still tasted like rutabaga. Won't be buying another one, I don't think! Anyway. Baby is starting to put on some baby fat now - and I guess so am I because my slow and steady weight gain doubled this week! Other developments of note this week? My belly button is starting to look funny... O.o

26 Weeks: Scallion

(baby weighs 1 2/3 pounds, measures 14 inches long)

First of all, can't we just call them green onions? Second, yes, I know this is a bit silly, but I don't reckon there are 40 perfectly appropriately baby sized fruits and veggies out there. Clearly we're going for length and not weight with this one. So how do you like my bouquet?? :) Developments of note this week: eye and ear development continues to improve and baby may be able to hear other people just chatting with me now! Which, I hope DH will take to mean he no longer needs to shout at my belly... Also, speaking of the belly, baby has been making it look a bit like a waterbed lately!

Also, we bought a crib that weekend, which was our first major baby purchase! AND I started the Hill Country Yarn Crawl - I think that may be my last big activity because all that driving had me worn plumb out!

27 Weeks: Cauliflower

(baby weighs nearly two pounds, measures about 14.5 inches long)

All right, this one works for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the cauliflower yet, but I know I can eat it and it makes sense to compare baby to it! (Still haven't decided and that was a week ago...) Developing regular sleeping habits, an active little brain, and hiccups this week! I'm pretty sure I've been feeling some hiccups, but I'm not sure because everyone I've asked just says they feel like hiccups - which really isn't much help! I feel like I've gotten way bigger in such a short period of time, but I guess that's what happens! People keep telling me I'm small for six months, but sometimes I feel like I'm growing an octopus in there that's trying to burst through my belly already (sorry if that's too graphic for anyone); it's amazing to feel all the movement, though.

DH and I checked out the Just Between Friends sale in Georgetown last weekend, too, on the way to which, I had one sip of water and had to have him pull over so I could throw up. :- / It was very unexpected and quite surprising - I guess there just wasn't any room left! I blame it on the fact that I was wearing pants... (baby isn't a fan of waistbands either) But anyway. I also finished the yarn crawl, thanks to my darling husband driving us on to Austin, so it was a good day overall!

This also wraps up my 2nd trimester... I just can't hardly believe it! But there's no denying that belly any more and January will be here before we know it! O.O


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