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Tunisian Resources

I've dabbled with tunisian crochet and you can certainly create some beautiful things with it, but it's not something I expect to explore much more at this time. There are a lot of folks who are interested in this technique, though! And so I decided to compile a list of resources for you.

I originally learned tunisian crochet because I had a request from a student while I was teaching at Michaels in Texas. And so I made a little spa washcloth, learning from Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva Studios, so that I could test out a few different stitches.

And yes, I still have it!

Jennifer has tunisian crochet patterns as well as a selection of tutorials on her website. The online class that I took with her is still available on Craftsy and is called Tunisian Crochet: Revolutions in Color and Style. Unfortunately, I did not ever get around to making the multi-garment, but it looks like it would be an excellent project!

Check out her Stash Buster Blanket pattern that features the 3-color change method and a massive 19 mm S hook!

One of my other tunisian projects was a tri-color scarf using sparkle yarn! It was really pretty. I believe I gifted it many years ago and so this is the only picture I was able to find. Thank goodness for Ravelry!

There is also a class on Craftsy from Dora Ohrenstein, but I haven't taken that one. It's called Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet. You can read more from her on tunisian crochet over on Interweave. And here is a link to search results for her tunisian patterns available on Ravelry. She focuses mostly on garments.

This one was published by Vogue Knitting in one of their crochet editions!

Toni Lipsey is another great resource for tunisian - she even has a book available now! It's called the Tunisian Crochet Handbook and you can learn more about it here.

This is her Bahama Blanket. Isn't is beautiful!?

Explore more of Toni's tunisian offerings on her webiste here. She has lots of different stitch tutorials!

Another tunisian crochet designer I recently learned about is Lori from Aklori Designs. She has tutorials as well as a tips and tricks page.

I really love her Spiraling Out Shawl, which is designed to showcase mini skeins!

Okay! So those are the top resources for tunisian that I typically recommend when someone asks me about learning more. There are actually quite a few books and tutorials available now, which is great! I remember having trouble finding much out there when I was looking to learn more about it - but I suppose that's been ten years ago now!

It's wonderful seeing the increase in interest for this crochet technique and there really are a lot of wonderful things you can make with tunisian! I hope you enjoy exploring these resources and I'd love to hear more about what you're hoping to make with tunisian crochet.

Do you have a favorite tunisian designer or resource? Share in the comments!


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