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Step 4: Hello Summer Beach Bag

The fabulous and final segment, Step 4, is officially live! We're finishing out strong with that mighty mighty single crochet and my very favorite integrated handles.

If you're happening upon this post after the crochet-along has concluded, you can find the pattern for the Hello Summer Beach Bag in my Ravelry shop as well as on Etsy and if you're looking for additional resources for the previous sections, you can find those here:

Now! Let's have a look at those handles!

Aren't they pretty!? I particularly love these handles because they are so SOLID. All that single crochet can be a little wearying, I know, and I admit that I have to break out my favorite compression gloves while I'm making one of these bags (or one of the Ultimate Market Bags) but they are absolutely worth it in the end! I like working an extra wide strap on my larger bags so that they distribute weight better on my shoulder, especially if I'm going to be stuffing it full of heavy things!

All right, time for the livestream now so we can get a look at these bags in action!

In the livestream recording the screenshared video was a little wonky so I cut in the same segment of the original tutorial video for the handles that was shown live. You can also find the full tutorial at (see also the second video below). If you'd like a closer look at the foundation single crochet stitches that are used to create the straps, you can find that here.

That's about all I have for resources for this final step of the bag. It's mostly just lots of single crochet! Rejoining the strap to the bag is probably the trickiest part, but you now have not only the written instructions and photo tutorial in the pattern, but also the video! In it I also demonstrate the decreases that are worked at the marked corners in the second and subsequent rounds. Here it is:

If you're adding this type of handle onto a different bag, just remember to count out your stitches to make sure your straps are evenly spaced (and the same length as well!) or to use the pattern in the body of your bag to help you align them neatly if you don't want to do all that counting. I usually divide the number of stitches by four and then adjust from there.

A smaller bag like my little fruit bag in the video with short handles only really needs to have an opening wide enough for your hand to fit comfortably through. And you can, of course, adjust the placement to make the opening under your arm narrower if you prefer. I don't like too much fabric sticking out on the front and back, though, so I tend to pretty much stick with dividing the total stitch count into quarters!

That being said, though, this is YOUR bag, so make any and all tweaks you like to make it the perfect bag for you! I love it when I get to see you take creative control and run with confidence across that WIP finish line!!

So have lots of fun with this pattern and come share your progress with us in the Facebook group so we can cheer you on! Happy crocheting!!

Oh! How about a look at the final bag, eh?


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