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Step 2: Hello Summer Beach Bag

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

So Step 1 was pretty simple, right? Just some back and forth rows in single crochet. But that makes for such a great, sturdy bottom for your bag that things won't fall through!

Time for Step 2!

Next up we're going to transition from working in rows to working in the round as we begin building the sides of our bag. We're rounding out the bottom with a few increases in the corners and extending that solid single crochet base about an inch or so up the sides to help make sure we have a really great base for a bag that will last for years to come!

And finally, the very last step before we're ready for the filet crochet next time, is to change colors! Here's what my original two samples looked like at the end of Step 2:

As far as resources go, I don't really have much to share with you this time! We're continuing working in single crochet (here's that tutorial again) and to increase, all you're going to do is work more than one stitch in the same space. We only have increases in the first 3 rounds of this Step. Round 1 will have 3 single crochet stitches in each corner. Round 2 will have 1 single crochet in each corner stitch with an increase of 2 single crochets in the same stitch on either side of that corner stitch (so 2 sc in the stitch before the corner st and 2 sc in the stitch after the corner st). And Round 3 will have 2 single crochets in each corner stitch. And the rest is simply working in the round, one single crochet in each stitch all the way around until you have a depth that suits you!

For the very last round we're going to go ahead and change colors. So we'll finish off the second to last round in our first color by working 2 slip stitches in the last 2 stitches of the round. You can go ahead and cut that yarn and finish off, either with a slip knot or using the invisible join. (I'll show you how I do that in the livestream video below!) And then we'll join on our next color with a standing single crochet. I'll demo that in the livestream as well, but if you'd like a closer look, here's my standing single crochet tutorial.

And that's about it for Step 2! Here's the livestream video!

All right! So we have a nice, sturdy bottom for our bag and NEXT time we get to be creative as we begin the filet crochet sides! Do you have a plan yet for what you want to do? You're going to have lots of options! My samples will show you a simple two row repeat pattern as well as how words can look on one of the two larger sizes! If you're working on one of the two smaller sizes, you can still plan out words, they'll just have to be shorter ones! OR you can choose to simply do initials in one of the two alphabets that I've charted for you to choose from. I'm really looking forward to seeing what ideas you have and how it will work up in different yarns and colors! That's my favorite part of designing, getting to see how my idea can be reimagined and brought to life in new ways! So exciting.

So Step 3 will drop on Thursday, August 18th and I'll do another livestream on Facebook on Friday the 19th at 11:00 am Pacific Time. And don't forget, if you haven't joined in yet, it's not too late to start! Grab the pattern here and then pop on over into the Facebook Group or my Ravelry Group to share your progress pictures! You can also tag me @crochetcetera with #hellosummerbeachbagCAL on social media to participate, too.

Oh! That reminds me! We did our first giveaway during the livestream and the winner chose the gold set of stitch markers I made especially for this CAL. The silver set is still available for another lucky participant so be sure you share those WIP pictures for a chance to win!!

Okay, happy crocheting y'all, and I'll talk to you again soon!

P.S. Which color would you choose, the silver or gold set?? Comment and let me know!


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