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Slice of Life Scarf in Moorit

I have a SUPER fun thing to share with you today! The Sweet Shop Issue of Moorit crochet magazine is officially on newsstands!!

This is issue number four for this relatively new publication and y'all, I've gotta tell you. It's just so beautifully designed! It's a pleasure to turn every single page. And this particular issue? It's just bursting with color! I love it so much.

Slice of Life is the name of my design included and it's sort of a little bit crochet scarf and a little bit wrap. It's a delightful little one skein project that you can easily toss on for a fun pop of color this spring and summer without being weighed down or getting too hot.

You can style it like a cowl, wrapping both ends around your neck and tucking them in or securing them with a fun little scarf cuff, or you can wear it more like a scarf with a cute little half hitch in front or even just hanging down straight on each side.

You could also style it with a shawl pin, of course!

It was originally designed with just a single skein of sock yarn, specifically a self-striping sock yarn. This is Citrus Delight from Brazen Stitchery.

I chose it because it was just too fun to leave behind, of course, but I created this design because I wanted to experiment with breaking up that striping in a way that would prevent too predictable pooling while still showcasing the repeating colors. This is where the stair-stepping edges came from!

Creating a wedge shaped row with graduated stitches sandwiched between rows of single crochet stitches results in a sort of crescent shape that wraps easily and gently around your neck. It will even do this fun spiral thing if it's long enough! Think two skeins of yarn instead of just one if you're looking to maximize the movement in this piece.

The stitches are simple and there's only a two row repeat so once you get the hang of it, this is a great project to bring along on your next road trip or to all the soccer games and summer barbecues you can get out of it! Which, if it's only a one skeiner, might not actually be that many, I suppose. But I do love a fun, simple project that's easy to pick up and put down!

This colorway is called Candy Yum Yum and it's from Plank & Stella. I love the way it turned out, too!

Now, I do have to point out here, for my US makers, Moorit is published in UK terms, which means when it says double crochet, it means US single crochet. So be sure you make note of that before you start working on any of these projects! You can jot down the conversions on a note card or work from the included chart if you're a visual person. They also have a handy little conversion chart on their Abbreviations page.

But enough about the particulars, let's have a look at some of that super juicy photography from Rebecca Scott!

Ah, I love them all so much!! I'm just so tickled with this whole magazine. It's such a visual treat!

Will you be picking up a copy? Which design are you most excited to crochet? Let me know in the comments!


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