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Quaranskein Mystery Game

Join me as I play the Quaranskein Mystery Game with my LYS from Virginia, Yarn Matters!

I had so much fun with these that I just had to share! I challenged the girls to choose one of their favorite characters to inspire them and they each put together a package for me - and then they challenged ME with clues to help me guess who they chose.

Want to play along? Scroll SLOWLY or hit pause when the music starts to play in the video! Or don't pause and you get ten seconds to guess before I reveal! (Spoiler: I didn't guess either of them, ha ha!)


Okay, here we go! I opened Sasha's mystery package first. Here's what was inside:

Harvest Fingering from Urth Yarns in Rubia, Ecru, and Indigo.

Sasha's clues:

  • Broadway

  • founding father

  • 1700s

  • My Shot

Tick tock, tick tock! I'll share the picture and the answer at the end!


Next is Anna's mystery package.

It included Sock Yarn from Hedgehog Fibres in Concrete and Ghost AND a fabulous little brooch from Black Dog Pottery:

Anna's clues:

  • not human

  • children's tv

  • an expert

  • fat

  • concrete enthusiast

  • British

  • architect

Good luck!!


and scrolling...


and scrolling...


you ready?


Are you sure?


Okay, here we go!

Sasha's character inspiration was...


She wrote:

Hi! I chose Alexander Hamilton because around November 2019 I started listening to the musical and I've been obsessed with the musical, history, and actors ever since. This was a lot of fun so thank you so much!

Ah, Hamilton! Have you seen it? I haven't, but I do hear wonderful things! We all should have known, right? Did YOU know? My darling husband guessed it, of course. He did NOT, however, guess Anna's character!

You ready?


All, right, here we go!

Anna's character inspiration was...


She wrote:

I chose Daddy Pig because I think Peppa would be too easy to guess. Dad suggested the concrete colorway because Daddy Pig is an architect. This picture is from an episode where he shows the school children how to pour concrete. He gets in the concrete to show it is a liquid at first. The concrete hardens and he gets stuck. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the yarn and pin. Have a snazzy day!

It was Peppa Pig's DADDY! No WAY I would have guessed that one, ha ha, as I somehow haven't seen a single episode of the show - I didn't even know it was British! I know, I know, I don't get out much. And I was WAY off track with the ghost colorway. I was wondering if there are any Colonial Williamsburg ghosts I should know, someone buried in concrete? I think I was remembering Anna's Halloween costume from 2018!!

So how did you do? Better than I did, I hope! I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to guess either one of them, but I underestimated how little time I would allow myself to consider it while filming the video, too! It was fun, though, and although I am appropriately embarassed that I wasn't able to even GUESS on either one of them, I had a blast opening these and I can't wait to brainstorm some design ideas!

Definitely DIFFERENT designs with these two vastly different characters and color palettes, but that, too, is appropriate, I think. Thank you so much, girls, and thank you Yarn Matters!

Ask your LYS if they are or would be interested in participating in something like this or you can visit Yarn Matters to order your very own quaranskein mystery package, inspired by a word of your choice, while they last!

Thanks so much for playing along!


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