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My Very First Crochet Project

Last week over in the Facebook Group I shared a bit of the story behind my very first crochet project and how I got started designing. If you missed the livestream and you're already a member of the group, you can catch it here!

It was a lot of fun chatting with folks about how their first crochet projects went and I even learned a few things about my own journey into designing because my mom popped into the comments to set me straight. I loved it! I couldn't believe that there was a piece of the story that I didn't remember. She said that I was complaining about not being able to find a pattern that I liked for a specific project I wanted to make and so she told me to design one.

"I can't design," I said.

And she said, "Why not? Have you tried it?"

And so I did!

Although it wasn't the thing I was originally looking for. I've never come back around to that idea, actually. (Anybody know a great pattern for a crocheted angel tree-topper??)

But I digress.

My very first crochet project was a worsted weight cotton doily in a mega bright variegated yarn in a ... very groovy colorway! I ... didn't love it. Ha ha, I still don't!

But I do still have it:

Multicolored crocheted doily in a heavy weight yarn in yellow, aqua blue, pink, and purple.

Thirty years later. (Shhhh!)

So I must have been proud of it, right?

It lives on the table I normally use to film my video tutorials, actually. And it's very definitely faded on the front side! So it's seen a lot of light over the years. Which is pretty cool.

A hand folding over a multicolored crocheted doily so that you can see the backside.

I was around ten years old when I first learned to crochet. I ... kind of hated it!

Doilies seemed to be particularly without purpose in my eyes. But that's how my mom learned and so that's how she taught me!

She would show me what to do for the first few stitches or the pattern repeat and then I would go do it. When I finished one round, I'd go back to her for the next one. And repeat.