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Butternut Slub Hat

Pattern available on Ravelry and Etsy.


When I finished the Butternut Slub Cowl, I had a fair bit of leftover yarn. And, so, of course, I thought, I'll make a matching hat! And here she is!!

Just like the cowl, this deliciously rustic hat features simple stitches that create a playground for your favorite textured yarns OR you can skip the marling and use a worsted weight yarn! But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the texture. Thick and thin yarns, handspun, tweed—whatever you choose, get creative and have fun!

I just now realized that I missed an opportunity to take a picture of my leftover yarn alongside the cowl after it was finished because right here in this post would have been the perfect place to share just such a picture! But alas, the moment has passed and I didn't think of it until it was too late. So here's a different picture of the yarn before the notion of making a hat with it was even a blip on the horizon!

It was all densely skeined up (I can never get them wound so snuggly!) and just LOOK at all those slubs having a party right there! So that one is Crumble Slubby from Kim Dyes Yarn out of Richmond, Virginia and the colorway is called Dahlia. It just sings of the soft late blooming flowers of autumn to me. Or maybe early spring, too, sure. But once you pair it up with that yummy pumpkin colored wool!?

Oh so deliciously warm and crunchy fall vibes, right!?

Kim also dyed the other skein of yarn, which is her Close to Home 2019 base, a locally grown and produced blend of Cormo wool and tussah silk. You can read more about this special selection of hers on her website. Oh and this colorway is called Zucchini, by the way! She has a few other options still available, too.

All right, since I already gushed over this yarn once before already, I'll hush now and we can get on with the details for this scrumptiously rustic hat - oops, I almost got to going again, didn't I!? Ahem.

Once again, just like in the cowl, I'm recommending an alternative slip stitch join for this pattern. There's a brand new video tutorial linked in the pattern that walks you through all the steps of the hat that you'll need, though.


  • Single crochet

  • Double crochet

  • Working into the back loop only (blo)

  • Working in the round (joined rounds)

  • Marling (holding two strands of yarn together as one)

  • Post stitches (front and back post double crochet)


Rounds 1–6 should measure approximately 4” (10 cm), unblocked.

Finished measurements of size 2 sample after blocking were approximately 20” (51 cm) in circumference and 8.5” (21.5 cm) long.

SIZES: 1: baby, 2: child/S, 3: M/L, 4: XL

Estimated to fit the following head circumferences:

Size 1: 13–16” (33–40 cm) Size 2: 18–21” (45–53 cm) Size 3: 22–24” (55–61 cm) Size 4: 25–28” (63–71 cm)

Guidelines are included in the pattern on helping to choose a size based on the flat circle diameter as you work. Keep in mind that your yarn may relax after blocking and increase the hat circumference.


  • Close to Home 2019 by Kim Dyes Yarn in Zucchini (4 oz, 450 yds 411 m, fingering weight (1: super fine) yarn, 85% cormo wool, 15% tussah silk, 1 skein

  • Crumble Slubby by Kim Dyes Yarn in Dahlia (100 g, 438 yds 400 m, fingering weight (1: super fine) yarn, 90% superwash merino, 10% nylon, 1 skein

  • G/6 (4.0 mm) crochet hook

  • stitch marker(s)

  • scissors

  • darning needle

Can we take a moment to admire that texture again, just for a second?

Mmmm.... Yummy!

Okay! I'm done now.

So. NOW, I get to show you some of the hats my testers made using this pattern!! Y'all, we had SO many different yarns used during testing, which is AMAZING to see how adaptable this pattern can be. We had worsted weight and fuzzy yarn and sparkle yarn and, of course, more marling, too! Check them out!

Isn't it a ton of fun to see so many different ways this design can come to life!? Or maybe it's just me who gets all bubbly and giggly over such things. As the designer, I get such a thrill seeing you take an idea, a pattern, just instructions and guidelines, and, kind of like a recipe, you get to add your own ingredients, tweak a few things here and there perhaps, and viola! A brand new creation! It amazes me every time.

Anyway! Before I get all nostalgic and misty eyed over here, I want to give a great big shout out to all of my pattern testers, many of whom were new to me! (Brave souls, aren't they?) Thank you to each and every one of them, including Mary Rose White, Julie, Devika, eyenowhour, Trish G, Surrounded by Scarves, Karen Crosiar, Bethany Eskridge, Brandi Trout, and Titik.

So there we have it! Two skeins of yarn, two projects. If you have a small enough head anyway, ha ha. Or a little extra yarn! I'm not sure I'd want to try to get away with wearing them both together, though... What do you think? Too much??

Ha ha ha! I think it might be too much. But it was fun anyway!

Grab your copy of the Butternut Slub Hat pattern over on Ravelry or in my Etsy shop and here's the cowl again if you want to check that out! Be sure to visit Kim Dyes Yarn for that Crumble Slubby or the next time you're doing some yarn shopping - she's one of my very favorite indie dyers and she has lots and lots of great options for you to choose from!

You're always welcome to tag me @crochetcetera on social media when you're working on one of my patterns; I love ALL the pictures, so go ahead and spam me with those WIP posts, y'all!




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