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Baublette Hat

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Pattern available on Ravelry and Etsy.


I had to dive back into my Ravelry projects to find out just how far back this design goes, and it appears that I first dabbled with this design concept in December of 2018 - which isn't actually as long ago as I thought it would be! I made this cute little pair of hats with some deep stash yarn that, I believe, came to me from my mother:

The yarn I chose for the final design was a pair of gems from my LYS at the time, Yarn Matters. Mechita from Malabrigo in Teal Feather and Luminosa from Cascade Yarns in Blue Topaz. This photo doesn't do them justice, but here it is anyway!

I actually had a devil of a time with tutorial photos and I flat gave up on a video! It was just too hard to get clear images with these two yarns! Ah, but they were so pretty, so nope, no regrets! I may eventually rework this pattern with a fingering weight yarn held alone, though, so if and when that happens, I'll remember to choose a lighter colored yarn! In the meantime, I'm delighted to (finally) introduce you to the Baublette Hat!

She's made with tiny offset puff stitches worked on every other round of the body along with stitches worked into the back loop only for a subtly textured design that allows the marled yarns to play together without being too distracting. The heavier weight yarn is dropped for the generous brim, which is contstructed with post stitches.

The pattern includes several photos to help further illustrate the written instructions for the puff stitch, working into the 3rd loop, and transitioning from two strands of yarn to one. The size chart can also be used to estimate finished sizes with yarn substitutions, to include a single strand of yarn like I mentioned earlier. You simply continue working increase rounds in the same pattern until the flat circle diameter has been reached for the intended size. You'll actually have more flexibility in sizing with a smaller yarn, too.

I DO have an informal video tutorial on working into the 3rd loop of hdc stitches, but it demonstrates working flat rather than in the round as this is done. If you think it might help you out, though, here it is:

The Baublette Hat is available for purchase through Ravelry as well as in my Etsy shop.

I had hoped to explore some moody, wintery painting to go along with this shop update, but I haven't managed to get back to painting in the past month or so. I do have a few sets of wintery blue stitch markers up now, though, along with a gorgeous skein of Falkland Wool from Kim Dyes Yarn (spun by me) in her Bed of Iris colorway! I think it would make an absolutely delicous Baublette Hat!

I'm also wrapping up one more skein of handspun that I'll add to the shop as soon as it's dry from its bath and had its own glamour shoot! Three Waters Farm is a new dyer for me and this Polworth Silk blend was especially scrumptious to ply!

All those yummy purples!! I can't wait to see this one finished. :)



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