Distressed Geometric Nails

I could tell you I began this manicure with the intent to make them look "distressed" but that would be a fib. The truth is, I was having a heck of a time picking up a clean image and well, naptime is only so long, so I decided to roll with it! And so I give you distressed geometric nail art. Yay or nay?

This is actually the final prompt in the November nail art challenge from @clairestelle8 and @myblisskiss on Instagram but I skipped ahead because, quite frankly, I wanted to!

As is custom, I began with Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat - after a healthy coating of new nail glue and some tea bag bits on my stupid sidewall thumbnail tear. :- / Just the worst. Two coats of Mira from Zoya on three fingers and two of Boneyards from Cult Cosmetics on the other two fingernails had me remembering just how much I love these two brands and wondering why on earth I don't have more of them! All my stamping goodies are from Clear Jelly Stamper, including silver and white stamping polishes, the Big Bling stamper, and their Tribal plate. I added the white distressing with the white stamping polish using a dry brush technique. Then it all got topped off with Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat.

Here's the aftermath:

If I were to do these again, I'd skip stamping the bigger squares on the purple nails and just do the distressing. But, like I said, there's only so much time in one nap! So this is what I'm sporting until next time!

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