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Neon Floral Lace Nails

Prompt number two for the November nail art challenge from @clairestelle8 and @myblisskiss on Instagram is lace and apparently I don't have a proper lace stamp! I did find a somewhat lacy floral one, though, so I decided to use that. And since I always think of red with lace, I figured I ought to try something different. Turns out, though, my super bright pink still looks kind of red in my picture! Oh well. Paired up with my favorite neon green and a little glitter, though, this is definitely not my standard mani, ha ha. I rather like it, though!

What do you think?

Neon Floral Lace Nails

This one was pretty straightforward, but here's a look at my setup:

Neon Floral Lace Nails Setup

I used Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat followed by three coats of Con Limon from Floss Gloss and three coats of Anthea from Zoya, which is apparently no longer available from them, though, bummer! It's a super pretty bright pink with gold shimmer. It's a bit muted here because I originally used a different stamp that I didn't like, but I kind of liked the marled look it left when I smudged it out with some acetone and my clean up brush. Tomoko, also Zoya, only needed two coats, which I also added onto my thumb and forefinger with a striping brush from Clear Jelly Stamper. I also used their white stamping polish and Big Bling stamper with Pro XL Collection Plate 14 from MoYou London. It's kind of lacy, right?? I'll have to add a few new stamping plates to my wishlist for Christmas now that I can actually use them again! Everything was topped off with Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat for a nice shine and a meager attempt at getting more than 24 hours out of this mani - hard to do with you know who running around with sticky toddler hands and a drippy nose. O.o

Confession, though... I only painted one hand this time. I know! But there's only so much time in the day, particularly toddler free time, and there's SO much crocheting to be done, too! So I decided one hand would have to do this time. Plus, it was bedtime. C'est la vie.

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