Nail Art Challenge Fail

So, I totally fail at this last nail art challenge. :( I missed three prompts in a row and didn't really like the last one I DID do! I just can't breathe around the belly well enough to do much anymore! So here's my reindeer suit, ha ha:

Nail Art Challenge Fail Reindeer Suit

Here's the last one I did:

Christmas Candy Nails

You know those peppermint ribbons? Well that's my favorite Christmas candy and I had this cool idea to do a one stroke style ribbon: fail. Dry water marble? Fail. Good old stamping, then. Fail! I just couldn't win with this one. So this is a slightly less horrible attempt at dry marble. And of course I let my brush drag on my pointer fingernail when I topcoated. Bah humbug.

Although I do really like the sugary look I got with Julep's Elsa.

I wore these for about a week, which was too long to look at something so disappointing anyway, but it also resulted in breakage that had to be mended and filed down - which further delayed my enthusiasm to tackle them. Once I got them tidied up, though, I managed one more mani before Christmas. Sweater nails are one of my favorites and they're pretty easy, too, so I don't know if this technically counts for the festive sweaters prompt or not, but I like them.

Sweater Nails

Simple as they are, I still had to spread the process out over several hours - baby doesn't appreciate being squished for the sake of my nail art! ;)

Polishes in this one are all from Julep and include Kerry, Candace, and Sharna. Stamping was done with Vivid Lacquer plate VL 004. And I have no idea where the gold studs are from anymore.

This may be the last mani I do before next year (wow, that's weird to say!), but if I happen to do one more, I'll try to follow one of the #clairestelle8dec prompts that are left!

  • 12/05: Snowflakes

  • 12/08: Reindeer

  • 12/12: Christmas Candy

  • 12/15: Winter Wonderland

  • 12/19: Festive Sweaters

  • 12/23: Christmas is Coming

  • 12/27: Gifts

  • 12/31: New Year

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