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Reindeer Nail Art

Just how stinkin' pretty is this silver polish I just got from Melaleuca!? It's called Silver Kisses and I'm in love! ♡

My intention was to have two reindeers on my accent nail, but with the snowflake between them, all you could really see was a pair of noses and feet on each side because my nails are too small! But I'm pretty tickled with how they turned out anyway. I have a feeling I'm not gonna want to take these off!

Reindeer Nail Art

So in addition to this gorgeous, textured silver, I used Gangsta Boo from Floss Gloss, which is one of my favorite reds! It's sheer so this is three coats (and you can still see the silver glitters under the stamped image). I put a couple coats of Jo by Julep, a matte silver, under Silver Kisses, but one would have been enough. I wanted to make sure the silver was opaque without having to layer on several coats of the glitzy polish. I'm not a fan of TOO much texture!

The image on my accent nail is nail stamping turned into a decal. First I stamped the reindeer with MoYou London's Festive Collection Plate 04 and Bundle Monster's white creative art polish and just let it dry on my stamper. I carefully layered a quick drying top coat on top so that I wouldn't smear the white when I added the red, which was another three thin coats of Gangsta Boo once that had dried. After the red was mostly dry (I got impatient), I carefully peeled it off my stamper, lined it up across my nail - this was when I discovered two reindeer wouldn't fit - trimmed off the extra and then cleaned up my edges with some acetone.

I didn't top coat for the picture so you could see the fun texture in the silver a little better, but it still looks pretty after a nice shiny top coat to seal everything in!

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