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Snowflakes Nail Art

I'm back at it again! Yep, another nail art challenge - last one before baby arrives! And probably for a while...

This challenge also comes from Claire O'Sullivan on Instagram and if I miss a prompt this time she's threatened to make me wear a reindeer suit! Where would I even find that!? I'd have to make one and I just do not have time for such shenanigans! So I am extra committed to make each one of these happen. Wish me luck!

Puking Pumpkin Nail Art

A girlfriend of mine is actually to blame for getting me back on the nail art challenge bandwagon, but I enjoyed our nail art date yesterday, so it might be worth it. :) Here's our nails together:

Nail Art Date

Aren't her little ice crystals perfect!? Very Jack Frost, I think. But what I'm really excited for is when we can add the wine back into our nail art dates, hee hee. That makes it even more fun!

So let's see if I can remember everything I used here. I started with a white base, although I don't know which one (I'm already failing!), but I used Delphine from Rainbow Honey on top of that. My accent nail was about three coats of Julep's Danielle, which I also used, along with Essie's Private Weekend, in my free handed swirls. The white snowflakes were stamped on with stamping polish from Mundo de Unas and MoYou London's Festive Collection Plate 01. The silver snowflake stud was from Bundle Monster and I used base and top coats from Bliss Kiss.

It was good to do something a little bit more fun and challenging on my nails again. I know I'm going to miss it once baby arrives!

If you'd like to join me in this nail art challenge, or just check out some of the other fabulous manis, look for #clairestelle8dec on Instagram. Here's a list of what she's got planned!

  • 12/05: Snowflakes

  • 12/08: Reindeer

  • 12/12: Christmas Candy

  • 12/15: Winter Wonderland

  • 12/19: Festive Sweaters

  • 12/23: Christmas is Coming

  • 12/27: Gifts

  • 12/31: New Year

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