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Puking Pumpkin Nail Art

Tee hee hee! I couldn't resist.

Puking Pumpkin Nail Art

Isn't he cute!? This one might be my favorite nails so far for the #clairestelle8oct challenge. Here's how we got there:

I started with a couple coats of Julep's Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and then did two coats with Rainbow Honey's Lemon Honey. I stamped on the pumpkin outline with Bundle Monster's plate #BM-H11 and Mulholland by Cult Cosmetics and then I carefully hand painted him with Essie's Roarrrrange and Mulholland. Then it was time for the puke! I used bitty splotches of Roarrrrange, Rainbow Honey's Calabaza, and Julep's Brigitte and that was it!

It was actually pretty easy to do and I couldn't believe that I couldn't find other puking pumpkin nail art! I finally found ONE. It's by @bruisedupdollie on Instagram and it's radioactive vomit, y'all!! Ha ha, check it out here.

Here's what's coming up next!

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