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Psychedelic Voodoo Doll Nails

Do what now? Yes, you read that right! Today's #clairestelle8oct challenge prompt was psychedelic and I was totally stuck on what to do until I went and visited a friend of mine who is also mildly obsessed with nail art and found a couple plates to borrow from her! And, rather perfectly, I happen to have made a voodoo doll (for my darling husband at his request, no less) that made these pictures even more fun.

Circle gradients have never really worked well for me, but I decided to give it another go and it worked turned out better this time. I used dotting tools to apply polish in small circles on my makeup sponge, which did keep it small enough for my bitty nails, but it also took too much time and the polish got too tacky for a nice gradient. It was tough to work quickly enough. I made a fine colorful mess, though!

Here are all the colors I used: Yowza Yellow, Summer Escape, and Traffic Cone from Salon Perfect; Electric Pink and Sky Blue Creative Art Polish from Bundle Monster; El Matador by Cult Cosmetics, Mira by Zoya, and Con Limon by Floss Gloss. Whew, that's quite a lineup!

Once I started stamping, I realized that I could have gotten away with less controlled splotches of color, but live and learn, right? The circular stamps are from Winstonia plate W111 from their 2nd Generation Set and voodoo doll guy is from Bundle Monster plate BM-413. I used Bundle Monster's black Creative Art Polish for the stamping.

I am totally in love with these! The Winstonia plate was amazing - I don't think I've ever had easier, cleaner stamping! It was great and just the successfully creative time I needed after a not so great day.

Here's the prompt lineup if you want to see what's come before or what's next!

  • 10/03: Bats

  • 10/06: Autumn Colors

  • 10/10: Skulls

  • 10/13: Psychedelic

  • 10/17: Witches

  • 10/20: Pumpkins

  • 10/24: Bones

  • 10/27: Ghosts

  • 10/31: Halloween

One more, just for fun. :)

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