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One bat, two bats, FIFTY bats, ah ha ha ha!

I happen to be a fan of Halloween. Not obsessively, mind you, but I enjoy it. Last year I put together a really fun Winifred Sanderson outfit and I think it's going to become my go to Halloween costume! But not this year, only because a pregnant Sanderson sister would just be weird... But I digress!

This year, along with a new pregnant lady friendly costume (stay tuned!), I am doing a just-for-fun Halloween nail art challenge organized by Claire O'Sullivan on Instagram. The themes are as follows:

  • 10/03: Bats

  • 10/06: Autumn Colors

  • 10/10: Skulls

  • 10/13: Psychedelic

  • 10/17: Witches

  • 10/20: Pumpkins

  • 10/24: Bones

  • 10/27: Ghosts

  • 10/31: Halloween

And here are my bats!

I started with two coats of Julep's Oxygen Bonding Base Coat and then applied one coat of Angie to four nails and one coat of Delores to my accent nail. I used a makeup sponge for my gradients with Delores and Ledi for the accent nail and Angie, Delores, and just a tiny bit of Ledi for the other nails. Nail stamping was done with Bundle Monster's creative art polishes in black and white and the BM-H05 plate from their 2013 holiday collection. I added a pop of red to the eyes with Zoya's Oswin and then finished it all off with Julep's Oxygen Performance Top Coat.

Look for #clairestelle8oct on Instagram to see all the other fun interpretations of her prompts this month!

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