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Post Stitch Projects

Last time I shared a couple video tutorials with you demonstrating front and back post double crochet stitches (you can find that post here if you missed it!) and so I wanted to show you some projects that feature post stitches!

It turns out I actually have a LOT of patterns with post stitches, varying from being comprised almost entirely of post stitches to them being only a small detail in a the project.

Let's have a look!

(All pattern links go through to the Ravelry listing page unless noted otherwise.)

Green scarf with post stitches wrapped around a wire dress form and secured with a spiral copper shawl pin.

The Cave of Lovers Scarflette is one of those designs that's almost ALL post stitches. My inspiration for this design was simple: a leaf! I wanted to create texture that was reminiscent of the veins in a leaf and so I imagined the scarf as a sort of endless leaf, each vein branching off from the off-center midrib, as if you're looking at the leaf from an angle. There are even teeth along the edges! You'll use both front and back post double crochet stitches, as well as a back post half double crochet, post stitch decreases, and even some shallow post stitches, where you insert your hook under top 2 loops of the designated stitch and then around the body of the stitch.

Rainbow colored cowl with basketweave post stitches fading from purple at the top through blue, green, yellow, orange, and then red at the bottom, closed with five black square raku fired clay buttons.

Here's another one that's almost entirely post stitches! The Marl the Spectrum Cowl uses front and back post double crochet stitches to create a basketweave style stitch pattern. It also showcases two different ways to created marled fades using a set of rainbow minis!

Striped cowl in peachy brown tones with cream in a basketweave stitch pattern created with post stitches.

The Brixel Cowl is another design featuring minis - AND more of that basketweave stitch! I was really excited about this cowl because I'd been wanting to design something with a set of mini skeins for some time and when I saw this subtle creamy brown set during a trunk show at my LYS at the time, I snatched it up right away! If you take a closer look at the edging, can you make out the subtle texture created by the front post single crochet stitches in the last row?

Oh, also, there's a new version of the Brixel Cowl that uses six mini skeins instead of five! Both files are available to download with your purchase. Here's a look at the sample I worked up with a Kobra Kai themed set of minis from Forbidden Fiber Co:

Up next, the matching hat! Well, in a different colorway. :)