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Candytuft Scarf

Pattern available on Ravelry and Etsy.


When was the last time you picked up a gorgeous skein of brightly colored, heavily speckled yarn and just fell into it like you were swimming in a pool of wonder and beauty?

You know those skeins. They look like galaxies bursting in front of your eyes. Or fields upon fields of wildflowers exploding with life and joy!

That’s what Nutmegged (and many of Meg's yarns!) feels like to me, just joyous explosions of color everywhere. I instantly adored it! And I knew it would be perfect for this design, too, which has been hibernating for a while now (like several years) just waiting for the perfect colorway to catch my eye.

Pairing up all of that amazingly energetic color with a creamy neutral yarn like French 75 creates this marled beauty that is somehow both endlessly playful and impressively grounded by having that single, solid color running throughout.

Here are the two of them all caked up and ready to go:

The soft neutral shade creates a perfect field for all of those beautiful speckled colors to dance around on, weaving in and over and around one another through a fabric created with my favorite, and I know you know it by now, the linen stitch!

The linen stitch creates this really great material with a delightful drape and I just LOVE marling with this stitch. Sprinkle in some spike stitches for a little fun texture and you've got all kinds of ways for those vibrant colors to show off!

Making this scarf is like twirling through a meadow filled with ALL the wildlfowers in bloom! It’s heady and flirty and a delight to both make and wear. Come join in the fun and let those colors dance!

But before we get too distracted with the color dance party, let's get into the nitty gritty a bit, eh?

The pattern itself includes not only the written instructions, but also a link to a detailed video tutorial as well as a color coded chart for further visual aid in demonstrating the spike stitch placement. You’ll also find guidance on modifications and blocking as well as helpful hints sprinkled throughout the pattern.

Basically, you'll find everything you need to make this a super fun and quick make (that you might just find yourself making again so your mom doesn't steal yours!)

STITCHES & TECHNIQUES (browse video tutorials here):

  • Single crochet, specifically the linen stitch (defined in pattern)

  • Spike stitches (defined in pattern)

  • Marling (working with two strands of yarn held together), though this is optional! You could substitute a DK or light worsted weight yarn, too. (Go peep the Project Gallery for some inspo!)


Rows 1–26 should equal approximately 5” (13 cm) wide by 4” (10 cm) tall unblocked. Gauge is not critical for this project, just make sure you create a fabric that you like the look and feel of!

Finished measurements of sample after blocking were 5” (13 cm) wide by 56” (142 cm) long.

Note: for a longer scarf, you can just make it narrower! Guidance is included in the pattern on width modifications and more.

Here's my cute little swatch!


  • Classic Sock by Megs & Co in Nutmegged and French 75 (100 g, 460 yds (420 m)), light fingering weight (0: lace) yarn, 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon, 1 skein each

  • F/5 (3.75 mm) crochet hook

  • stitch marker(s)

  • scissors

  • darning needle


For the really fun part. I get to share what my pattern testers created!

And OH did they run with my suggestions on modifications!! We've got skinny scarves and extra wide scarves and stashbuster scarves and single strand scarves with no marling - SO many different ideas for this designs, y'all!

Here we go!

Many MANY thanks to each of my fabulous pattern testers for Candytuft, including KnotEmmaknits, Raphaële Cilia, Ilea, Cascadiacrochet, Sarah Epplin, Holly, Christine, Bahar E., Keinaphels, and YarnyArcher. They all did such great work and provided invaluable feedback, too! Between them and my amazing tech editor, Catherine Whelan, I'm confident that this pattern is the very best version of itself for you to take it and create your next new favorite scarf!

Here are a few things people are saying about the Candytuft Scarf:

Another great pattern and test experience for Connie! One of the best designers to test for, hands down! -Christine

This is a really great and informative pattern! Super clear with a great layout. I had no issues making my scarf and I'm very happy with my finished result. -KnotEmmaknits

Love the rhythm of the pattern. Super easy to convince yourself to use fingering weight yarn! -Ilea

The pattern was extremely easy to follow with clear details with both written instructions and stitch chart. The pattern is fun and easily adaptable. I could easily see myself making this again and creating a very different finished product. -Cascadiacrochet

I realy enjoyed crocheting this scarf ! I think it can be crocheted with many different kinds and colors of yarn! -Raphaële Cilia

This pattern was a joy to read and the project was a pleasure to crochet. The pattern is written in a lighthearted, conversational tone with plenty of tips along the way, which makes you feel like you’re learning from a friend. The design itself is simple, but it has amazing texture, and it’s fun to see how the marling plays out with different yarn colors. I had a lot of fun making my Candytuft Scarf and I’ll definitely be making more! -Sarah Epplin

Be sure to check out the Project Gallery on Ravelry for even more photos for inspiration as well as additional details on each project like yarn choice and hook size.

I can't wait to see what YOU choose to make with this design, though!

Now go bask in the sun while you do a little color dancing with your crochet hook, yes?

This photo is a complete farce, by the way. It was SO hot that day and I totally had the sun grins!

Here, evidence:

But I know the autumn sun does feel sooooo good and those are the vibes I was trying to channel (while I rested my eyeballs, ha ha).

Okay! Enough from me.

Go grab your copy of Candytuft over on Ravelry or on Etsy and be sure to tag me @crochetcetera on socials with hashtags #candytuftscarf and #crochetcetera so I can see what you're making!



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