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Hello! My name is Connie and I am a crochet designer. A teacher. And a maker.


I love texture, color, and finding the small, often overlooked joys and beauty in the every-day world that we find ourselves living in, wherever that may take us!

Join me on a creative journey that encourages curiosity and confidence, and maybe just a little rule breaking!

Join in the adventure!

Through my designs, I seek to embark on a journey that will guide you through a meditation of textures and colors, sometimes on a relaxing, familiar path of simple stitches and other times on a more adventurous path that will teach you new things.

I adore exploring new ideas and drawing inspiration from everything around me, from flora and fauna to more structured, architectural elements, and I want to help you learn to take creative control of your own fiber adventures so that you can crochet with both curiosity and confidence!