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Star Snowflake Workshop

Make a little holiday magic!

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Learn with me!

This pre-recorded class will walk you step-by-step through making your very own thread crochet snowflake - without all those tedious slip stitches in chain stitches!

In this class we will cover

What is the Star Snowflake?

Originally published as the Stellar Snowflake in the 2012 Accessories issue of Interweave Crochet magazine, this design was my very first print publication! 

My mother used to make all of our Christmas ornaments. My favorites were always the thread crochet snowflakes. They were simply... magical! But they were also HARD to make. I failed many times!


With this snowflake, there aren't endless slip stitches worked into the chain, which greatly simplifies this project. Chained stitches are twisted to create the length and points of the arms during blocking and stiffening, which pulls the crocheting together without having to work stitches into the chain itself. It also adds a textural element to compliment the star in the center!

To celebrate the Star Snowflake's decennial anniversary, I created this online class that will walk you through each step to make one of these festive little ornaments yourself.

Bring a little magic into your home this year with your very own crocheted snowflake!

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