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Chroma Story Cowl

Pattern available on Ravelry and Etsy.


I'm back, y'all!

It's been an adventure these past few weeks (okay, more like almost three months, I guess) getting ready for our latest PCS move. We arrived in Hawaii (I know!) about three weeks ago and we've been busily trying to settle in as much as we can without having our household goods. Hopefully they'll arrive off the boat soon and we'll have everything delivered by the end of the month. That's when the madness that is unpacking begins...

But I'll talk about all that another time! Today, I'm excited to announce that I finally have the sister pattern to the Chroma Story Scarf available for you!

A smiling woman standing in front of a green palo verde tree with one hand on her hip and wearing a blue lace baseball tee with a multicolored striped crocheted cowl pinned at the shoulder with a large white ceramic button.


She's a fun little one skein project using the same simple stitches as her big sister, but this time around I added in a photo tutorial as well! So if you were feeling a little intimidated by those mitered rows before, you'll get an even closer look at how they work with the cowl.

It features the same yarn from Urth, Uneek Worsted, which is a self-striping yarn with a longer transition of colors that runs through the entire skein - which means you get a full color transition from one end to the other without it repeating!

A rectangular crocheted cowl with mitered rows and multicolored stripes laid flat on the ground on a bed of fallen yellow palo verde flowers.

I couldn't believe how many palo verde tree flowers there were under this tree, by the way. It was kind of incredible! This golden yellow carpet like something out of a fairy dream... But I digress!

Here are the specs:

STITCHES & TECHNIQUES (browse video tutorials here):

  • Single crochet

  • Double crochet

  • Foundation single crochet (optional)

  • Chainless double crochet (optional)

  • Mitered rows (detailed instructions given in pattern)


Rows 1–12 should measure about 6.5” (16.5 cm) wide by 4” (10 cm) tall, unblocked. Gauge is not critical for this project, but it may affect the final shaping.

Finished measurements after blocking = 9.5” (24 cm) wide by 23.5” (60 cm) long.


  • Uneek Worsted by Urth in colorway 4024 (100 g, 220 yds (200 m)), worsted weight (4: medium) yarn, 100% extrafine superwash merino, 1 skein

  • H/8 (5.0 mm) crochet hook

  • stitch marker(s)

  • scissors

  • darning needle

  • 1-2 buttons for closure (optional)

A multicolored striped and rectangular crocheted cowl featuring granny square style stitches draped lengthwise over the branch of a green palo verde tree in the Mojave desert.

Testers found this project to be surprisingly addictive, one of them so mesmerized by the color changes that she finished the whole thing in just one day! Here's a look at what they created:

Many many thanks to Christine, Marieke, and @keinaphels for all of their feedback on the pattern and the pictures they shared! I love getting to see how a design works up in different yarns and colors - and even with different modifications, like Marieke sewing hers together! I was actually super excited when she told me she was going to try it! I think it turned out splendidly, too. Christine used the same Uneek Worsted as I designed this in, just in a different color (4012) so it was fun to see the difference between the two colorways! And though she thinks she would have preferred a different yarn for hers, I kind of dig the way Tove's turned out! So if you don't think you have the perfect self-striping yarn for a design like this, I would encourage you to take another look through your stash and consider the possibilities. Would it be as striking in a solid color? No, probably not. But it WOULD offer the intrigue of getting more interesting up close! The only yarn I'd probably stay away from is purely variegated colorways because they would completely overwhelm the mitered rows. But you never know! Sometimes, especially when you really love a colorway, the stitch you choose doesn't matter so much for the finished piece as it does for your hands while you're actually making it!

A woman wearing a blue lace baseball tee and blue jeans with a greenish yellow, orange, pink, and purple striped crocheted cowl on curiously looking upward at and touching a small branch of a palo verde tree, which is covered in green bark.

So have fun with your color choices, delight in the angles you get to create with the mitered rows, and don't be afraid to get creative with how you style it!

The pattern is available on Ravelry as well as Etsy and you can tag me on socials @crochetcetera with the hashtags #chromastorycowl and #crochetcetera - I get so excited every time someone shares what they make with my designs! So go ahead and flood me with those WIP pictures, too. I love them all!

Oh and don't forget to check out the sister pattern, Chroma Story Scarf, for a two skein project worked in the same way! Could you improvise one based off the pattern for the other one? Absolutely. But I've already done all the math (and the frogging) for you! So grab one or both of these fun little patterns today!

A woman standing in front of a palo verde tree blowing a handful of fallen yellow flowers towards the camera. An action shot!


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