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Peacock Feather Nails

Just when I thought I was going to start doing my nails again, oh, almost TWO MONTHS AGO, they decided to break and tear and get burned (I grabbed the metal handle of a pan that I had just taken out of a 400 degree oven - NOT my finest moment and yes, I cried like a baby) and get chopped off. It was ridiculous.

But they seem to be healing and holding together well enough now and when I saw the new @clairestelle8 nail art challenge that just happens to be a challenge with PRIZES from her and @myblisskiss (this is on Instagram), well I decided it must be time to try again! So we'll see if I can keep up. There are only five prompts. I can do that, right? Sure!

Except that SOMEbody has been sleeping like garbage for the past couple weeks. I'm SO tired of being tired! But we'll get through it. Again. Sleep deprivation is the worst.

With a new success with stamping, though, I am motivated to give this a go! So here's the first prompt:


Twilight Fairy Nails

I don't have very many stamping plates with feathers, so my options were pretty limited, but after giving my poor stamper a much needed bath, these came together fairly easily. I even added a little extra color by hand after stamping! It was a pretty wild success, considering my dismal luck with stamping lately.

So here's what I used:

Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat to begin with followed by A Touch of Glass by KBShimmer (definitely one of my all time favorites) on three fingers. The feathers are from Pro XL Collection Plate 05 by MoYou London with gold stamping polish and stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper. Dominique and Rendee by Julep were used for the handpainted accents as well as my ring finger. I sealed everything up with Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat and called it a day.

You know what, I think Touch of Glass and Dominique are actually the SAME two greens I used last time! I guess they really are my favorites!

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