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Natural Bridge Mini Vacation

Recently DH had a few days off so we all decided to go adventuring. We drove westward to see the Natural Bridge, which was a lot bigger than I imagined! I think my favorite part about the trip was getting to tromp around in the woods. There are a couple trails here where we live, but I miss hiking.

We also checked out the local zoo while we were there, where baby boy got to meet and feed lots of fun new critters. He was downright giggling about the first couple animals he got to see up close, which were muntjac deer, I believe. My husband may or may not have been more afraid than I was that our son was going to lose a finger or two to one of the giant horned birds that stalked us through their fences. We fed goats and giraffes and camels and parakeets - oh and the boys almost got peed on by a tiger. O.O It was a near miss!

The last day we took a tour of Luray Caverns where we did not get to see any bats, but we saw some pretty cool formations and had a nice little walk through the cave.

I also got a free unakite stone which, and I did not know this, is native to the Blue Ridge Mountains and found in the Virginia river valleys! I MIGHT try my hand at some wire wrapping with it. Maybe. ...

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