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Hill Country Yarn Crawl: Day 4

Gauge, Austin, TX

The fourth and final day! Sad face. Only two shops left!

My dear and darling husband agreed to drive me back to Austin since we had plans to check out the Just Between Friends sale in Georgetown that morning anyway, so off we went! He's been wanting me to make him a Fibonacci scarf for some time anyway, so I told him we could find him some nice yarn if he was willing to tag along.

After the JBF sale, where we got three books, four sleepers, three onesies with two pairs of matching pants, a polo onesie (all DH right there - he loves his polos!), a hat, and a bib for less than $20 (score!), we ventured on into Austin, where traffic was as aggravating as usual. I was rather glad I wasn't driving...

We found our first destination without undue stress, though: Gauge. They have the nicest little outdoor area to sit and stitch and everything within is, of course, arranged by gauge! From bulky to sock and lace weights, they have a very nice little selection of yarns. I chose a squishy light green merino for my afghan from amongst their featured yarns (although I REALLY wanted a skein of their Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn - I may have to go back for some because it was SO yummy!) and then I wandered into the back room where I found Aimee Kandl, YarnTrekker, who has some really gorgeous, nature inspired hand dyed yarns. I couldn't resist a mini skein for another baby hat! Plus, it's available exclusively at Gauge!

Yarn Trekker, Hand Dyed Yarns Inspired by Austin and the Hill Country

It is indeed a very modern little shop and I hope I'll find a time to go back and visit!

Hill Country Weavers, Austin, TX

The VERY. LAST. STOP! Oh my gosh! I can't believe this adventure is over! Well, I suppose I do have the afghan to make still, so not quite finished. But wow!

Hill Country Weavers, the yarn store that one of my students just can't stop talking about, was last on my list. It is also the shop that my husband joined me in, hee hee. We scanned wall after wall and bin after bin looking for the right shade of green (Binghamton University - it's impossible) and finally settled on a baby yarn of all things. But it should make a nice scarf, so we'll see how it goes!

And look, all my pins on my bag!! *sniff, sniff* It was a sad but exciting moment.

Hill Country Yarn Crawl 2015 Completed!

After I collected all my yarn from this final (and largest!) purchase, we skipped off to the car... What? Okay, maybe I waddled a little.